The Importance of Fertilizing Your Trees for Summer in Nevada

The Importance of Fertilizing Your Trees for Summer in Nevada

By Arica Harrison on June, 14 2018

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Arica Harrison

moon-juice-nv-2Need to prep your trees for the summer heat? Act now or it might be too late. We are all trying to adapt to the changing temperatures as summer hits, and we all know that Las Vegas gets HOT! Well, don’t forget about your trees. The time to fertilize is now. Help your trees prep and continue to grow during our hot summer by fertilizing. Not sure why you should? Keep reading our compiled notes on the importance of fertilizing your trees. 


What is Fertilizer?

Let’s start off with the basics – what is fertilizer? What does it contain? Fertilizer is any substance, natural (organic) or chemical (inorganic), that is added to soil or plant matter to increase its health and nutrient density. Majority of fertilizers contain the essential micro and macro nutrients that trees and plants need that might be deficient within the soil. Macro-nutrients are the substances needed in larger quantities, some which are found in air and water like Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen. The three main macro-nutrients usually needed are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (Potash). Nitrogen being the most likely to be deficient in our soil.  There are secondary nutrients which are less likely to be missing from soil are Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. Micro-nutrients are nutrients needed in much smaller amounts like Zinc, Manganese, and Iron. All are important for healthy plant growth. 


Why is it Important to Fertilize Trees? 

Well, for the same reason you would fertilize other plants, to help them grow healthy. Unlike trees growing in a forest, our urban and suburban trees have more stressors and deficiencies. While forests provide naturally occurring fertilization, due to animals and decomposing material found within their environment, our trees do not have those same opportunities.  We tend to like clean looking yards and will rake up fallen leaves and chase off unwanted animals. By using a fertilizer, we can provide the much-needed nutrients that are deficient in our arid Southwest soil. When growing, trees need a steady supply of nutrients, and fertilizing accomplishes that. By supplementing the essential nutrients, we can assure that our trees will grow healthy and thrive in our Las Vegas landscapes. Fertilizers can also help trees protect themselves against pests and disease – mush like how eating helps our immune systems. Healthy trees are also better at withstanding damage from their environment, like damage from wind and caused by heat stress.  It is important to fertilize our trees so that they can grow healthy and we can relax in their wonderful shade. 


When Should We Fertilize?

 Now is the perfect time to fertilize your trees before it gets too hot. By fertilizing now, we can help our trees thrive against our Nevada heat and summer stressors. Could be your last chance before soaring temperatures! After it gets over 110 degrees, you won’t want to fertilize; but we do suggest using Moon Juice every month and use Moon Valley’s Soil & Water Conditioner every other month. 

It’s important to have a regular fertilizing routine to ensure that you will continue to have healthy trees. We suggest fertilizing (unless it’s too hot) or using Moon Juice monthly to help with our warmer weather and dryer climate. If you want to have clarification or to set-up guidelines, don’t hesitate to reach out to our nursery pros at your local Moon Valley Nursery. They can help! Our custom-blended fertilizers are designed to trigger growth responses within the trees or plants, that way they can be used at any time, even after the ideal springtime growth season. 

Here are some signs to look for that might mean you need to fertilize: 

- Yellowing leaves that are smaller than normal. Overall growth is stunted – possible Nitrogen deficiency. 

- Small leaves with scorched edges, may be purplish or blue-green in color. Leaves may fall early. Overall growth seems weakened and reduced – possible Phosphorus deficiency. 

- Tips and edges of leaves are yellow and look scorched with brownish-purple spotting underneath – possible Potassium deficiency. 

- Leaves turn dark starting at the base and going outward then die – possible Calcium deficiency. 

- Leaves are yellow between the veins which stay green – possible Iron deficiency. 

- Center of leaves turn yellow or reddish in color. Dead spots appear – possible Magnesium deficiency. 

- Upper leaves turn yellow in the center between the veins – possible Manganese deficiency. 

- Veins are a lighter color than the tissue in between – possible Sulfur deficiency. 


Choosing a fertilizer can seem like a daunting process, as there are many varieties and choices out there. We want to make it a breeze. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have developed highly specialized blends of fertilizers made for our region. We use all our fertilizers throughout our growing farms and nurseries. Any of our nursery professionals can help you select the perfect fertilizer for your tree’s needs. Below are our recommended picks. 

Moon Juice and Bedding (8)Supercharged Moon Juice –  Perfect for all trees and plants. Moon Juice has Furst liquid technology which helps maximize your tree’s potential. It includes an exclusive blend of organic enzymes and amino acids that stimulate the growth signals within a plant or tree. Moon Juice contains the three most important micro-nutrients – Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. Moon Juice enhances a tree’s ability to recover and prevent issues from stresses caused by extreme heat and other events. Supercharge your trees today! 


palm_juice_fertSuper Palm Juice  We love palm trees! And we have what they need! Palm trees need a unique blend of nutrients which our Super Palm Juice contains. It’s a custom-blended liquid that include Potash (Potassium), Manganese, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, and Boron. This super easy-to-use liquid will help produce stronger, thicker trunks and dark green fronds that produce a lush, dense canopy. Use Super Palm Juice to correct and prevent yellow, weak, or disfigured fronds. 



moon_dust_fertMoon Dust  An all-purpose tree & plant fertilizer! A custom, organic blend that contains the three main macro-nutrients needed. It’s a quick dissolving granular fertilizer that is beneficial for all plants and trees. Moon Dust was especially developed for tough, compact, and alkaline soils; designed for the desert, made for Nevada, Moon Dust contains perfect amounts of Sulfur and Gypsum to fight the effects of salt in the soil. The #1 all-purpose fertilizer in the US!  



moon_green_1Moon Green  Say goodbye to yellowing leaves! Moon Green is an easy-to-use solution for yellowing trees and plants, which is a common problem in Nevada. Developed to help fight Iron Chlorosis (deficiency), we combined Iron with our Furst liquid technology for a quick fix. Along with being a liquid Iron supplement, Moon Green also helps reduce soil alkalinity, neutralize caliche clay soils, and it promotes greener and darker leaves (and grass)! Use Moon Green to bring greenness back to your yard. 



soil_conditioner_fertSoil & Water Conditioner –Ideal for use with any fertilizers as it helps optimize soil conditions. Desert soil can be the most difficult aspect when growing trees as it is hard, dry, and has a high pH level. Moon Valley’s Soil and Water Conditioner helps breakup the salt buildup and loosens tough soil. The Sulfur contained will reduce the high pH level and lets the salt flush out of the root system. Gypsum leads to better drainage and loosening of the soil. By using the Soil & Water Conditioner every other month, your soil will be healthier which will allow your trees to access the much-needed nutrients and water. 


Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and pick up the perfect fertilizer and supplements for your trees today. Not sure what you need? Our nursery pros can help select a fertilizer and plan a routine to keep your trees healthy and thriving! 

Let’s not forget to keep our lawns healthy and growing all summer long with Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer! This pilled homogeneous fertilizer is easy to apply to lawns and acts quickly. Get a healthy, thick lawn with fewer weeds and less damage with regular fertilization every four to six weeks. 


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