Planting Your Shrubs

Planting Your Shrubs

By Lindsey Paramore on January, 13 2020

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Lindsey Paramore

Adding shrubs to your landscaping helps make your property look more welcoming and friendly. Shrubs are great for adding beauty, color, texture, and character to your landscape, providing color all year. If you’re unsure how to plant your shrubs, follow these tips from the experts at Moon Valley Nurseries.

  • First, choose your location wisely. Think about what the shrub needs in terms of soil, light, and water. Think about how it will grow, and make sure the spot you’ve chosen won’t impede its growth. You’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t encroach on anything else, like other plants, nearby structures, and power lines. Don’t create extra work for yourself by choosing a spot that’s going to require you to prune the shrub excessively.
  • When you know where you’re planting, prepare the ground. Be sure you’re clear on where gas and water lines are before you dig. Remove rocks and debris from your planting area, then begin tilling the surrounding soil to break up the clay and create air pockets that will promote healthy root growth. Add soil amendments, if necessary, but be conservative about what you add. Recent research indicates that making the soil too rich discourages the plant from extending its roots into the surrounding soil and anchoring itself.
  • Once the ground is ready, dig your hole. The hole in which you’ll plant the shrub should be as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. Score the sides of the planting hole so that the soil will be loosened, and the roots can penetrate it. If the root ball has been compressed and the plant is rootbound, use something sharp, like a trowel or pruners to loosen the roots and divide them. Place the root ball in the hole so that the top of the root ball is level with the soil around the hole, then fill the hole with native soil. Press the soil firmly into place but don’t pack it, because the roots need space to grow and work their way through the soil.
  • Choose the right spacing so that your shrubs can thrive. Spacing shrubs properly gives them room to grow and keeps your landscape from looking overgrown. Aim to space them about half the spread of their mature size. For shrubs that have a wide growth habit, leave more room for them to spread out.
  • Water and mulch your shrubs. Watering your shrubs is the most important step of the planting process. Layer in mulch to the top of the root and water thoroughly so that the root ball and surrounding soil are saturated. Sufficient watering will help minimize shock to the roots and keep the shrubs hydrated. Don’t mulch all the way to the trunk of the shrub, or water may be retained at the base of the shrub and cause rot.

After this guide on how to best plant your shrubs, if you would like some extra help, reach out to the nursery pros at Moon Valley Nurseries! We make it easy to ensure your landscape thrives while allowing you to sit back, relax, and let our planting team take care of all the hard work. Moon Valley Nurseries started as a small neighborhood nursery, and now has locations all across the West. We deliver and plant anything in our massive inventory, and because we grow our plants ourselves, we can give our customers the lowest prices in town, guaranteed. Whether you need a shrub or two or an entire landscape, our friendly staff members will go the extra mile to make you happy. Contact us through our website, call us at (602) 388-1529, or stop by to check out all we have to offer, from the best trees and plants to professional crews and planters to certified designers ready to make your yard the best in the neighborhood.

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