Gardening With Native Plants

Gardening With Native Plants

By Moon Valley Nurseries on October, 10 2022
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Having a yard is a tremendous blessing, whether it’s a big front yard or a cozy back garden. When you’re planning your garden, it’s smart to set it up so that it will be beautiful and low maintenance, providing you the enjoyment of a hobby rather than an unending chore. One of the best things you can do when landscaping your home garden is to choose native plants. Why? They’re beneficial to the ecosystem, local wildlife, and you.


The Benefits of Gardening with Native Plants
  • Native plants are great for withstanding local weather. Because they have evolved to grow naturally in the area, they’re used to the weather conditions and will thrive in local conditions. In the west, this means they’re drought-resistant and able to tolerate the heat. When you buy plants that are accustomed to the local conditions, they’ll thrive and come back the next year, which means you won’t have to keep investing in replacement plants.
  • Native plants don’t just enjoy the local ecosystem, they benefit it. They provide nectar for pollinators and an appealing habitat for local birds and other wildlife. Because they’re water-wise, they save water, which is a valuable natural resource. Because they thrive where they are, they won’t require chemicals to keep them healthy. What’s more, native plants enrich the soil and protect it from erosion.
  • Native plants don’t require much maintenance. They’re disease-resistant, can withstand drought and other perils in their environment, and grow quickly, inhibiting weed growth. You won’t have to mow if you’ve got native groundcover instead of a lawn, and your native plants will help keep the soil healthy with very little effort on your part.

Whenever you’re looking for expert advice and high-quality local plants, head to Moon Valley Nurseries. Moon Valley Nurseries started as a small neighborhood nursery garden center, and now has locations all across the West. We deliver and plant anything in our massive inventory, and because we grow our plants ourselves, we can give our customers the lowest prices in town, guaranteed.

Whether you need ground cover, a tree or two, or an entire landscape, our friendly staff members will go the extra mile to make you happy. Contact us through our website or stop by one of our locations to check out all we have to offer, from the best trees and plants to professional crews and planters to certified designers ready to provide the expert design that will make your yard the best in the neighborhood!

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