What is the Secret to Growing an Amazing Garden?

What is the Secret to Growing an Amazing Garden?

By Blog on November, 7 2022
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What is the Secret to Growing an Amazing Garden

Gardening Secrets to Enhance Your Desert Landscape

Whether you’re an avid green thumb or just beginning your first garden, successfully growing, and maintaining your chosen plants, succulents, annual blooms, perennials, and ornamental grasses can be tricky in the Arizona climate. Moon Valley Nurseries is here to take the complexity out of gardening and teach you how to be resourceful and strategic when planting your garden in Phoenix, Arizona.


Plant During the Fall Months

Fall in Arizona is mild, making it an excellent time to plant new specimens. Planting during cooler temperatures allows plants to develop their roots before the stress of the summer heat arrives.


Choose Your Landscape Wisely

The full afternoon sun may be too harsh on your plants, so it is best to choose an area in the east, north, or south-facing areas of your property that offers partial sun. If you are limited to an area that receives large amounts of afternoon sun, select plants that require full sun, as they will thrive in locations that are exposed to plenty of heat.


Understand Your Soil

The soil in Arizona is challenging, as it is commonly clay, heavily compacted, and full of rocks and salt, requiring thorough garden preparation. Rocks will need to be removed, and compacted areas should be broken up. You should then perform a soil test to determine the chemicals and nutrients within your soil. Understanding your soil allows you to plan for your fertilizer and soil amendments.


Choose the Right Amendments and Fertilizer

Once you are aware of what your Arizona soil is lacking, you can choose amendments and fertilizer solutions that will aid in building a successful garden. Consider choosing a soil conditioner that breaks up tough soil and helps establish strong root systems. Adding compost or granular or liquid fertilizer also helps the nutrient-depleted soil we tend to see in Arizona.


Prioritize Watering After Soil Treatments

Watering after a soil treatment ensures the soil becomes thoroughly penetrated by the amendments. It is essential to use a slow soaker hose to avoid overwatering and running the treatments out of the soil.


Water-wise Planting

Water-wise landscaping is a crucial aspect of a successful Arizona garden, as it is a drought-ridden area. Being drought-resistant doesn't have to equate to a dull appearance with a lack of color. You can explore water-wise flowering tree options such as Vitex and drought-resistant groundcovers and shrubs to add vibrancy and curb appeal to your landscape while remaining water-conscious.


Strategic Plant Choices

It is imperative to strategically plan your perennial and annual plant choices. Pick out specimens with needs that align with the location of your garden and opt for drought-resistant plants. Perennials such as lavender, and annuals such as cosmos or zinnias are sustainable options for Phoenix’s hot climate.


Adding Texture Year Round

Cacti, succulents, and ornamental grasses are easy to maintain in Arizona and offer unrivaled texture to your garden. These plants provide virtually zero maintenance and can be used for decoration, privacy barriers, or backdrops. Many cacti, agave, aloes, other succulents, and ornamental grasses are drought-resistant and do not require extra water once they become established.


Choose from an Endless Selection

Start your garden with exceptional trees and plants with Moon Valley Nurseries. Our garden center professionals have vast knowledge and understanding of how to perfectly accommodate your Arizona landscape. Learn more about turning your Arizona yard into your dream oasis by talking to a nursery pro today!

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