What Makes Our Piru Queen Palm So Special

What Makes Our Piru Queen Palm So Special

By Garrett Cleverly on July, 27 2017

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Garrett Cleverly

Garrett Cleverly is versed in all native and non native species of plants, trees, succulents, and cacti that grow throughout the southern region. Garrett has a love for gardening and all things outdoors.

Piru Queen Palms From Moon Valley Nurseries are the best 

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One of the great things about living in our region is the backyard pool. While we're cleaning up and providing care to the trees and palms in our landscapes on a hot summer day the pool is a welcome relief. While we're you're in the pool, the last thing you want to think about is work. You want to be removed from reality on a tropical island. However, without some tropical plants, especially some palms this could be hard. 

If you're looking to create a tropical paradise in your backyard the key is to pick the right palms and one of the best for our region is the Piru Queen Palm. 

Now, you're probably thinking, why does the Queen Palm have the name Piru in front of it. That is because the Piru Queen Palms we grow at Moon Valley Nurseries are far superior than what you'll find at other nurseries and hardware stores. Our Piru Queen Palms are grown purely from superior Argentine seedlings with better genetic traits, these Moon Valley Nurseries Piru Queen Palms are at the top of class in the queen palms family due to their superior durability and grand appearance. Our Piru Queen Palms feature thicker and harder trunks as well as greener palm fronds and fuller crowns than other Queen Palms do.

queen1.pngUnlike other nurseries and hardware stores, who bring their queen palms in from Florida, the ones at Moon Valley Nurseries  are grown at our grow yard in Piru, California. At this location, the Piru Queen Palms  are exposed to hot summers, cold winters, and very windy days. We purposely grow them here so they can acclimate to our climate, which makes them extra hardy.

Able to grow up to 35-feet high, these palms are evergreen and thrive in full sun, heat or cold exposure. Very low water requirements make this an excellent choice for drought-stricken areas.

Best part is that they require minimal maintenance and cleanup once planted. No need to be picking up litter in the backyard. Piru Queen Palms are great palm for a focal point and they will complement a wide variety of architectural styles. Occasional seasonal trimming, such as removing dead fronds, will help to keep the majestic look of Piru Queen Palms in tact all year round.

Crate that tropical paradise on your backyard with one of our amazing Piru Queen Palms

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