What types of trees grow well in pots?

What types of trees grow well in pots?

By Blog on May, 16 2022
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Trees are a beautiful addition to your landscaping, and growing trees in pots creates a focal point that’s also versatile, since it can be moved. Where could you put potted trees in your garden? Would you place some on a patio, use them to frame a path, or put them somewhere you badly need a little bit of shade? The possibilities are plentiful. But what are the best trees to grow in pots? We have some suggestions, no matter what type of trees you enjoy.

  • If you live in California or Texas, you really can’t go wrong with a Japanese Maple. Brilliant green in the summer, the leaves on a Japanese maple turn to stunning shades of red, orange, yellow, and plum in the autumn. Even after their leaves drop in winter, the trunks of Japanese maple trees remain attractive and interesting. They’re great for containers because they rarely reach 15 feet in height.
  • There are many evergreen potted trees that look great all year long. Olive trees are one example, growing beautifully in warm, sunny sites, and needing no protection from the cold unless it drops below 14° Italian cypress is another great evergreen option, growing in slim shapes that are lovely for framing a doorway or adding definition to a garden. Both olive and cypress trees are drought-tolerant but do need to be watered once a week and fertilized in spring.
  • Fruit trees are a delightful potted option, providing delicious fruit as well as an attractive addition to your garden. Peach trees are ideal for growing in pots because a potted peach tree can be moved into the sunniest place in the yard when that changes throughout the year. Citrus trees like lemon and kumquat are excellent container trees and can make wonderful house plants during the winter. Lemon, in particular, has a wonderful fragrance that can fill a room. Kumquats can stay outdoors in temperatures above 18°F, and their fruit can be eaten whole, skin, seeds, and all. Banana trees need a climate of at least 60°F most of the year to produce fruit, but their ornamental leaves bring a tropical feeling to any garden. Smaller apple trees will grow well in pots, producing high-quality fruit.
  • When it comes to flowering trees, crepe myrtle is an excellent option for potting. Also called crape myrtle, these gorgeous trees are attractive year round. You can choose varieties with white, pink, or purple flowers, and they will bloom from spring through the summer. They need full sun, and if you live in a frost-prone area, you’ll need to overwinter them indoors.

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