What to do After a Monsoon Hits

What to do After a Monsoon Hits

By Jessica Downs on July, 23 2019
Tree Maintenance

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Jessica Downs

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Moon Valley Nurseries is here to help you recover from the Monsoon season that we experience every summer. From growing trees to tree maintenance, we never stop working on keeping the trees in your homes and our communities in the best shape and health possible.

Use Moon Juice After the Monsoon Rain

Now is the best time to apply Moon Valley Nurseries custom-blend Super Charged Moon Juice to your trees and plants. Between Moon Juice and the added hydration boost they just received, your plant material is ready to thrive again and be stronger for the rest of monsoon season.

This incredible Moon Juice blend is comprised of every tree and plants three most essential micro-nutrients - Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. These are the three most critical micro-nutrients required by every plant, and these nutrients are typically deficient in the soil where we live. Moon Juice comes to the rescue because it not only has the three most essential micro-nutrients required; it also includes Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1), which has a beneficial effect on new plantings!

moon juice

Using Super Charged Moon Juice Can:

- Trigger growth response and nutrient uptake
- Enhance the ability to ward off possible diseases, infestations and infections from outside sources
- Helps plants prevent and recover from the stresses caused by extreme events such as storms, heat, frost, freeze, transplanting and other events
- Maximize overall tree and plant performance!

Order Moon Juice online and get it delivered straight to your home!

You can also find it at any Moon Valley Nurseries location near you! 

Woke up to Tree Damage? Call the Tree Care Division Today

Our Tree Care Division is ready to help you clean up your damaged trees and get them back to being healthy and looking gorgeous.

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Our Tree Care team offers the following services:

- Trimming/Pruning
- Removal/Stump Grinding
- Fertilization 

Click here to learn more about our Tree Care Division and get an estimate for your yard today.

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