How and Why we Amend Soil for New Trees

How and Why we Amend Soil for New Trees

By Brad Howard on September, 17 2019

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Brad Howard

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Help New Trees Establish Strong Roots

Importance of Healthy Soil and How to Improve yours

Proper water and soil care are the most important aspects of planting new trees. With the best soil and watering conditions, a new tree will be able to establish its root systems more efficiently for optimal health while avoiding transplant shock.


Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we are the experts when it comes to the best designs and the biggest trees. We are experts in planting and guarantee the health of your newly planted trees. We have over 25 years in the nursery industry and are the largest tree-grower in the United States. Moon Valley Nurseries has planted over millions of trees through the years. We have perfected the best way to plant trees from delivery to soil prep to tree staking, and we get it done right!

I will share how and why we amend our soils during the installation. We offer free planting so that we can guarantee your trees are planted the right way.

Start Digging to Examine the Soil

soil and water conditionerThe first step we take with your soil is to start digging into the ground for the new tree. Most soil in Arizona is tough and dense, and you will be able to tell as soon as you start digging! During this stage of the planting, we apply our Soil and Water Conditioner to the existing soil.

he conditioner will help reduce the hard and compact soil and allow the roots to grow better while also lowering the high PH levels that are often found in the soil of our region. The sulfur in the conditioner reduces the high PH levels and allows all the excess salts that build up to be flushed during each watering phase. This will create a soil base that converts nutrition easily. Balancing the PH levels will help keep your soil healthy while the root systems establish into your yard.

The sulfur and gypsum will counteract the salt and loosen the soil, which will create better water absorption. The gypsum is what will do the most work loosening the soil that will produce optimal drainage. The healthy soil conditions will keep your tree growing strong and healthy for years to come. 

Supplement with Moon Juice

moon juice shrubs

The next phase of our installation after we have amended the soil by using the soil and water conditioner is to apply our Proprietary Super Charged Moon Juice. This custom blend has organic enzymes and amino acids that will stimulate new root hairs to increase fertilization and moisture intake.

We recommend using Moon Juice when planting a new tree to help your tree through potential transplant shock. Regular use of Moon Juice will be beneficial for your tree as it matures. Your tree will have a stronger cell development throughout the trunk, branches, and the foliage helping maximize photosynthesis.

All this is done by our professionally licensed, bonded, and insured planting crew.  Amending the soil with our custom blended fertilizer is all included in our free planting that every specimen tree will receive.

Now you’re all set, and you know how to plant in Arizona. Please come and visit one of our many locations in Arizona. Whether you need help designing your yard or if you need Soil and Water Conditioner or Moon Juice for your own yard, we have everything you need to get the job done!

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Meet Brad Howard

My name is Brad Howard, and I am currently the Yard Manager for our Surprise location. After serving 12 years in the United States Army, I found myself a new home with Moon Valley Nurseries. I take pride in serving our community and environment. I am overall responsible for over six acres of inventory and keeping all plant and tree life thriving and healthy until it finds a new home within our community!

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