Ask Us Anything About Citrus Trees

Ask Us Anything About Citrus Trees

By Jessica Downs on January, 24 2020
Citrus and Fruit

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Jessica Downs

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When is the Best Time to Plant Citrus Trees?


Citrus trees can be planted at any time of year, which makes it one of our favorite trees to plant at Moon Valley Nurseries. Optimally, the best time to plant citrus is as soon as possible before the summer.

How Much Should I Water my Citrus Tree? 

The amount you should be watering your citrus all dependent on the time of year. During the summer, it needs to be watered about every other day. In the spring and the fall, it can be watered just twice a week. Citrus trees only need to be watered about once a week during the winter. Always pay attention to your trees and plants when changing your watering routine for signs of over or underwatering and adjust accordingly.  


How do I Protect my Citrus Tree? 

The best way to protect your citrus trees is to keep them pruned at the right time of year and create and maintain a good fertilizing schedule. Click here to get more information on custom fertilizers and supplements that are perfect for your citrus trees.

When Should I Prune my Citrus Tree? 

The best time to prune a citrus tree is at the end of February or early March as we transition to the spring season. Once we start warming back up, you will begin to see new growth come in quickly!

When do I Fertilize my Citrus Tree?

The best time to fertilize your citrus tree is monthly from March through October. If you maintain a steady balance of feeding, then you’ll have growth all throughout the year. Our Custom Super Charged Moon Juice is excellent for all the trees and plants in your yard, especially your citrus and fruit trees.

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