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Benefits of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Posted by Jonna Altheim on 11/4/2019

Natural Ways to Take Care of Your and Your Homes


Aromas, whether good or bad, have a powerful impact on how we think and feel. People have been using natural plant oils, also known as volatiles, for thousands of years to improve their well-being from mental to even physical health benefits.  Studies even show that our sense of smell is closely linked to our brain's emotional response centers. It can directly associate a trigger from scents with memories of intense emotions.

So, what are a few easy-to-grow aromatic and medicinal plants that can be found in the greater Phoenix area? Let's start with a handful of edible basics that we all know and love.

Fruit Citrus2

Easy-to-Grow Medicinal and Aromatic Plants


  • Improves cognitive performance, decreases anxiety and eases depression, significantly improves cold and flu symptoms (pictured above).


  • Improves alertness, enhances memory, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Society Garlic

  • Lowers blood pressure and balances hormones as well as deters fleas, flies, and mosquitos.


  •  Boosts energy, aids in weight loss, alleviates stress, and decreases depression.


  • Decreases anxiety, aids with insomnia, eases depression, and restlessness (pictured at top).


  • Helps relieve indigestion, significantly improves cold and flu symptoms, aids in weight loss, and masks bad breath.

Now we've identified a few medicinal and aromatic plants and how they can help us feel better. Let's take a look into how they can be used for optimal care. Popular options are drying the herbs for year-round use or utilizing them fresh from the garden.

Using Plants for Maximum Medical Benefits

Drying herbs is an excellent method to be able to store them away for later use or to make into a few fun household items for maximum benefits. For example, they can be molded into delicious and easy to digest herbal teas to enjoy various benefits from throughout the day. They can also be crafted into dream pillows or closet sachets to keep clothes fresh, moths away, or assist with sleeplessness.

Another popular method is using the plants and making healing bath soaks to pull out toxins, alleviate sore muscles, and enhance healing. They can also be used for cooking or topical applications by infusing them into oils and balms. Lastly, aromatic and medicinal plants can be fashioned into safe home cleaning products for a more wholesome approach to get away from harsh chemicals.

Cooking with Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Fresh from the garden is one of the easiest and also most cost-effective ways to transform any home-cooked meal from basic to brilliant. There is also an added nutritional benefit to adding fresh herbs instead of dried herbs, as the drying process inevitably causes some loss in nutritional value.

From simply smelling amazing to topical applications or consumption, the options are endless when it comes to maximizing the benefits of health from Mother Nature right from your own backyard.

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