Bringing The Tropics to Your Backyard

Bringing The Tropics to Your Backyard

By Ryan Newton on August, 28 2019
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Ryan Newton

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date palms lining a driveway

Here at moon valley nurseries, one of the most popular designs we get asked to create is a tropical backyard. Whether you just put a pool in or love palm trees, we love to do them. Let's face it, we live in the desert, and we want to feel like we are on the beach.

The best way to ensure the success of the plants, as well as a tropical look, is to create a small micro climate by layering taller plants in the back and go lower in front. Taller ones will shade the smaller, more fragile plants.

Palms for Your Tropical Yard


One of the best tropical/ sub-tropical plants we use in these designs would start with our Moon Valley Exclusive Piru Queen palm. Grown in a very similar climate like Arizona, the Piru Queen palm is grown to withstand the heat, wind, and sun of Arizona.

We love to pair the Piru Queen palms with our Pygmy palms. Our Pygmy Palms are grown to be acclimated to the Arizona heat as well give you a very tropical look without taking up much room.

Sago palms (pictured) can also be used as a small accent palm when strategically placed. Even though they are small, they make a statement.

If we have some room to work with, we love to add our Canary Island Date palm. They are drought-tolerant palms that really add a "wow" factor to any design.


Tropical Plants

We surround all the palms with plants such as hibiscus, coral fountain grass, tropical birds of paradise, making it feel like Hawaii even when its 120 degrees.

We finish it off with some lush ground cover such as lantana, wedelia or myroporum.


Complete the Tropical Design

You cap that off with some up-lighting, and you are on your way to an island oasis all created with your vision. Moon Valley Nurseries also gives you fundamental watering and fertilizing instructions to help ensure the success of those palms.

We are here from start to finish, and even after, to make the process is simple and easy for you. Moon Valley Nurseries sets you up for success with how we have grown our palms in the desert. When it comes to bringing the tropics to your backyard, go to the Moon!

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