Pre-Emergent Herbicides Prevents Weeds!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 1/24/2018


Pre-Emergent Herbicides: Apply Them Now!


Raise your hand if you love to pull weeds! If you’re like us, you kept your hands down, way down. After all, we’d much rather be outside enjoying our yard rather than working in it! Luckily, getting your yard ready for a weed-free spring is not some extraordinary magical illusion. In fact, a pre-emergent herbicide can do the trick!

So how does a pre-emergent herbicide keep weeds from terrorizing your yard? With proper use, a pre-emergent herbicide works by putting a chemical barrier down, over the top of the soil. Doing this will keep those pesky weed seeds from germinating above the soil line – pre-emergent herbicides inhibit a key enzyme of weed seeds! So, if you want to reduce the number of weeds or better yet eliminate them, we recommend applying a pre-emergent at least twice a year. For best results, apply at the beginning of spring and fall growing seasons. Also, don’t worry, they will not affect any of your established plants! 


Get on Your Lawn - and Much More!



Does the sight of a green, lush and full lawn tempt you to walk on it barefoot, toes-deep in the green? Us too! Of course, if there are a bunch of weeds growing it may dampen the experience. After all, who wants to frolic barefoot in a field of scratchy weeds? Alas, we have some excellent news for all you barefoot-walking aficionados, and those that like to wear shoes too - Moon Valley Nurseries stocks a complete line of pre-emergent herbicides, and all the things you need for your weed prevention plan. Here are a few top brands available at our nurseries. 

AMAZE Grass & Weed Preventer – Arizona’s top choice for granular grass and weed prevention! You will be amazed at how easy this is to apply, and how useful it is against the common unwanted weeds and grasses that infiltrate gardens in Arizona.

Weed Impede RTU – RTU means ready-to-use, making this pre-mixed concentrate herbicide one of the easiest ready to be applied straight from the bottle. It features an attached nozzle that makes applying this herbicide smooth and easy. This is our top choice for liquid herbicides and works great against common weeds and grasses.

We carry much more too, so be sure to visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location to find what you need. Our nursery pros will be glad to assist you with any questions you might have about herbicides!

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Mulching Works Great Too!


Sure, pre-emergent herbicides are incredible at keeping those pesky weeds off your lawn and landscape. You know what else is good? Mulching! That’s right, apply mulch 2 to 3-inches thick around beddings and tree wells - doing this can help to keep those areas weed free! 

You can also kill weeds using organic methods such as using vinegar and water or using lemon juice and water.

Of course, nothing stops weeds from propagating besides a pre-emergent, so be sure to use those to prevent weeds. 


RosesNow that you have gotten rid of those weeds and have taken the steps for weed prevention with a pre-emergent herbicide, this is also an excellent time to add some color to your yard. Roses, we love them, and their showy flowers can bring plenty of color to any size yard. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we carry thousands of container-grown roses that are delivered fresh from our farms and ready to be taken home. You can find hundreds of varieties, and thousands of cultivars, each of them is a beautiful showstopper that can bring a pleasant fragrance to the air. You can even use Roses as hedge material and take your landscape to the next level!



Also, since we are talking about getting our yard weed-free and ready for spring, Everblooming Gardenia can fill the air with their sweetly fragrant white flowers in late spring and into fall. These are cold hardy shrubs with bright green leaves adding a lovely splash of color even when not in bloom.



Hibiscus_flowers_The Hibiscus is another beautiful plant that can add vibrant colors thanks to their large and bright tropical flowers and lush, dark green foliage. We love to plant Hibiscus because they work well with a wide range of landscape designs. While you’re at the nursery, be sure to ask us about landscape design, as our nursery pros will be happy to assist you!



beets_vegetable_gardenWhy stop at flowers? Eating what you grow is always a good idea so right now is also a good time to start planting citrus trees and stone fruit. Fruit trees are always going to be a tasty addition to any yard and so is planting a vegetable garden. This season is an excellent time to plant vegetables such as Beets, Carrots, Peas, Green Onions, and Spinach, so get your favorite recipes together or create your own culinary recipe from scratch!


We would love to hear about your favorite recipes with homegrown vegetables and fruit, so feel free to comment below with your recipe!

Weed-prevention with pre-emergent herbicides will keep your landscape looking healthy and beautiful and may inspire you to plant more things that can add much more than beauty to your landscape! Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location, we’ve got you covered for all your landscape needs!

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