King Alexander Palm - Create a Tropical Atmosphere in Your Own Backyard

King Alexander Palm - Create a Tropical Atmosphere in Your Own Backyard

By Felipe Benavides on June, 20 2018
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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

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King-Palm-3Are you dreaming of a far-off destination? A place where you are surrounded by palm trees, barefoot, soaking up the calming nature of the tropics? Turn that dream into a reality! If you are looking to create a tropical atmosphere in your backyard, a King Alexander Palm is one of the world’s most beautiful trees, palms or not! There are six different species in this genus, and they are all beauties sharing the common name of King Palm.



Physical Characteristics of a King Palm Archontophoenix


So what makes a King Palm Alexander one of the best trees you can have in any Southern California landscape? Well, the appearance of a mature specimen is hard to resist. Long established palms are what many people imagine the palm tree of the tropics to be – tall and majestic. Just the sight of these palms gracing the landscape can reduce stress. They are handsome and stately. They look stunning planted as a single specimen or in groups. King Palm Archontophoenix features a large crown. This crown holds dark green to grass-green colored leaflets that are up to 10-feet long, so they can create plenty of shade, wherever they are planted. Their slender and smooth green trunks are begging you to wrap your arms around them!



Where to Plant King Palm Alexander Palms

King Palms in Driveway_edited

These palms are native to the rainforests of Queensland, Australia, a place noted for its lush, tropical beauty. Here in Southern California, they are often found lining a long driveway, where their presence is sure to create a luxurious entrance. Of course, if you are creating a tropical retreat, planting them in clusters at the end of a swimming pool is an excellent way to bring paradise home. Hang out poolside and take in the beauty of their slender trunks and elegant canopies reflecting in the still water. California sunsets are famous for their majestic view. King Palms let you enjoy our glorious sunset while it creates an impressive silhouette, and does it without blocking too much of your view! King Alexander Palms can enliven the look of any landscape, no matter where you choose to plant them.

The King Alexander Palm loves to grow in Southern California. They thrive in a location with full sun or partial shade exposure. In fact, in their native habitat, they can grow for many years under taller trees. These palms can tolerate the heat or cold, too!

All Hail the King, the King Alexander Palm! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we value engineer our products to save you money! Purchase a bigger palm tree now so that you can enjoy an instant tropical landscape. No other nursery in the world custom-grows King Palm Archontophoenix as we do. Our palms are grown in our local climate so that they will thrive in your landscape. Have you visited our incredible Palm Paradise nursery? At our Palm Paradise nursery location, you will find an incredible selection of rare and exotic palms. We have what you need to transform any yard into a tropical resort-style retreat! Ask us how!

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