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May Landscape Tips for California

Posted by Paul Popoff on 4/27/20 9:27 AM

Let Moon Valley Nurseries give you some tips for your yard in May

We are getting to the end of spring and the end of cool (cool-ish?) weather. While the summer is amazing for so many reasons, like pool parties and family vacations, it doesn’t change the fact that weather conditions are going to change soon and we need to adapt our landscapes accordingly.

With the weather change that is about to happen in California, especially the regions that will hit triple digits in a few weeks, homeowners should be making sure their yard is in the best shape it can be, or they better get their yard there quickly!

The healthier your yard and landscape are before summer begins, the easier it is going to be to maintain its health through the hot summer.

Our nursery pros have a few recommendations for what is best for your landscape in the month of May.


watering your yard

The temperature is on the rise, and it's crucial that you keep an eye on how your trees, shrubs, and other plant material are responding to the heat. This will also help you notice any minor issues and fix them before they become a problem.

Always remember to water your trees and shrubs deep, so that it reaches the root system. Small and short watering sessions are ineffective, therefore wasting water and not supplying the plants with proper nutrients.

Long and slow watering sessions are best because you want the water to penetrate deep into the soil. Not only does this help the tree right away, but it also helps in the long-term development of the root system, and it can make a tree less susceptible to drought.  The time you do your watering is also important. If you water during the heat of the day, you are going to lose a majority of that water to evaporation since the ground his already warm and the outside temperatures are also heating up. Avoid wasting water and make sure your trees and plants get the best use of it by watering early in the morning. This allows the water to go deep into the root system creating an environment where the trees and plants are able to pull from the reservoir as it gets hotter, keeping them healthier throughout the heat of the day and less likely to shock.

For more information on deep watering practices, click below to help you get a better idea on how to take care of your irrigation settings.

Moon Valley Watering Guide




The most efficient way to keep the soil around your plants moist and cool is to apply a layer of mulch around them.

Adding a few inches of mulch will help you reduce how much water you need to use because the mulch keeps the roots cool and retains moisture for longer periods of time. 

Mulch is available at any Moon Valley Nurseries location.

Control Weeds


You might notice that spring weeds are going away. Unfortunately, weeds are getting a second wind and growing like themselves again!  The first solution is to go out there and rip them out, root and all. Although when it is hotter and hotter, and the weeds seem to be multiplying by the hour, pulling them out by hand is no longer an option. Moon Valley Nurseries stocks many different products that can help you to eliminate the weeds that are currently growing and also help you with products to stop them from coming back.

Pre-emergent products are the next best thing to gain control of your yard again. Moon Valley Nurseries stocks different types of pre-emergent products you will need for your weed prevention plan at our locations. Much like the name states, pre-emergent herbicides stop weeds that have not yet grow through the soil by creating a barrier and not allowing the seed to germinate. Our Nursery pros will help you pick the right ones for your yard!



Give your landscape a much-needed boost of vitamins and nutrients before the summer is here. All our fertilizers have been specifically crafted for our native desert soils. Fertilizing now gives your trees and plants the best chance of thriving throughout the warmer summer months. By creating strong and healthy root systems landscapes are able to handle adverse conditions with greater ease and reduced stress from the environment. We recommend fertilizing monthly, March through October for most trees. 

We carry fertilizers for everything on your landscape from palms, to fruit and citrus, to flowering trees. Click here to learn more about all the fertilizers that we carry at our nurseries.

Protect Your Trees

Did you know that trees can get sunburn? It’s true. Some trees are more susceptible to sunburn, but almost all of them would benefit from extra protection from the sun.

What we can do is protect the trunk of a new tree with a Protective Tree Wrap. Young trees are more vulnerable to sunburn and need protection when the temperatures rise.

We also recommend staking both new and old trees, if you feel they could be damaged in high winds. Staking is beneficial during the monsoon season in the summer.

Take Care of Your Lawn in May


This is probably the last month to enjoy being outside because that summer heat is already starting to show up! Hopefully, you have been monitoring and taking care of your lawn for the past few months, so any big issues are taken care of by now.

This is the month you want to do any intense fertilizing to your lawn, especially if it needs nitrogen. As the temperatures rise and rise, nitrogen will be harder to use at a high dose due to its potential burn factor.

It is good to use some nitrogen-enriched fertilizer now to give your lawn a boost with its growth and development that will keep it looking great through the summer.

Planting Tips for May

planting tips for may moon valley nurseries

Our weather is taking a very hot turn soon, so this is the month to finish all the planting you have been meaning to get done. While there are many trees and plant material that can be planted in the middle of summer, there are many that cannot!

Be sure to find out which trees, shrubs, roses, or other material you want to plant can wait to be planted and which ones should go in the ground this month.

The main reason that some plant material does best when planted now is that they can handle the current weather, which will make transplanting your material easier.

This will allow the plant to focus on regaining its strength and settling into its new location without also having to use much of its energy also combatting the heat beating down on them.

Speak to our nursery experts to know what to plant this month!


Tree for May Planting

Crape Myrtle Tree


crape myrtle-4

The Crape Myrtle is one of our most popular trees in California because of its amazing display of blooms all summer. You probably see this heat-loving, drought tolerant flowering tree included in different landscapes all over the area.

It is easy to see why these lovely trees are a favorite throughout the county – they grow to an ideal height, the canopy establishes quickly and evenly, and the colorful bloom cycle is longer than most! In fact, the bloom is present during the warmer months which means they can stay in bloom for quite a long time in California.

Moon Valley Nurseries grows all the best varieties for Southern California, offering mildew resistant cultivars that can tolerate coastal and inland conditions. Come to the nursery and check out the blooms with your own eyes!

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