5 Great Reasons to Plant Citrus and Fruit Trees

5 Great Reasons to Plant Citrus and Fruit Trees

By Felipe Benavides on May, 17 2018
Citrus and Fruit

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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

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Homegrown Fruit and Citrus Have Many Benefits


Smart gardening is easy when you can grow fruit at home. Read about our five great reasons to plant citrus and fruit trees in your backyard below!

  • Healthy, Tasty, Juicy Fruit-Growing fruit at home is very rewarding. We have the choice of growing fruits the way we want to. This means that we know exactly how fruits like oranges, apples, and peaches are grown. Organic is the preferred way to grow. And, unless you do your research, it can be challenging to find out which chemicals have been sprayed on your favorite fruits. Grow without the use of pesticides, and you will feel better taking a bite of the juiciest fruit on the planet!
  • A Spring Show Full of Fragrance, too-We love fruit and citrus trees because of the fruit they can bear. However, adding to the appeal are the beautiful showy flowers that precede the fruit. These flower bouquets bring elegance and beauty to the landscape. Many of these flower bouquets are scented and can fill the air with a pleasant aroma often replicated in perfume. Of course, nothing beats the real thing. For instance, one of life’s great pleasures is basking in the smell of the apple blossom and peach tree flower scents. If you want to experience beautifully scented flowers, grow fruit trees at home!
  • Create Shade with Fruit and Citrus Trees-It’s going to get hot in Southern California. Rather than staying indoors, we can find a spot with plenty of shade coverage. Many fruit and citrus trees perform well in a location that receives full sun exposure. The foliage of an evergreen citrus tree can provide year-round shade that is ideal for the patio. Plant more than one, and you can have even more shade coverage. We recommend planting a few around the home so that they can help reduce the temperatures inside a home. Also, we can create a natural border or separate spaces in the yard planting fruit trees.
  • Enjoy a Wide Variety and Incredible Flavors-Anyone that has ever experienced international flavors can attest to the fact that not all fruits and citrus are created equal. Each variety has its own specific character. Some fruits appeal to lovers of tart flavors, while others gravitate towards sweet flavors, and then there are those that like a bit of both. We can use the many different varieties of fruit and citrus for creating culinary delights from around the world, baking a peach cobbler, and making cocktails that rival any of those that you will find in a fancy watering hole.
  • You Don’t Have to Leave the House-Traffic in Southern California can be a mess, especially during rush hour. When you grow fruit in the comfort of your own yard, you may be able to reduce time wasted in a traffic jam. And, if you live a healthy and active lifestyle, nothing beats waking up and picking oranges or other fruit straight off the tree to make fresh-squeezed juice! Send your kid to school with organic apple slices in their lunch box!

Backyard Fruit Trees for Southern California

An edible garden with backyard fruit trees takes a little planning. It is a good idea to know which fruit trees grow best in the Southland. Buying trees at their fruit producing age mean that you can enjoy the tastiest and juiciest fruits in no time at all. Stone fruits are a favorite everywhere and require a certain amount of low-chill hours. The good news is that many of the best tasting stone fruits are also low-chill varieties! Finding the best backyard fruit tree layout is critical, too. So, consult with a landscape design specialists for further insight. And, if you are worried about the size of your yard, you will be glad to know that many of the best fruit and citrus trees available are dwarf and semi-dwarf trees!

Fruit Trees That Are Fit for SoCal Yards

Citrus and fruit trees or orchards were once a common sight in Southern California. Nowadays, the SoCal landscape is dotted with homes. Many of these neighborhoods have homes built on small lots with limited yard space. Luckily, we can keep growing fruit and citrus trees that fit our area. Grow fruit trees and toast to good eating!


valencia-orangeOrange: Orange trees have been a part of the SoCal landscape for years. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, California supplies 80 percent of the nation's fresh oranges! We can grow some of the best varieties such as Navel, Valencia, Sweet Oranges trees and reap the rewards that these super juicy, sweet oranges provide. Starting your day off with a healthy dose of vitamin C is a breeze with an orange tree in your backyard!





650x650-LemonLemon: In addition to oranges, California is also the supply king of fresh lemons. We can grow many favorites, including Eureka, Lisbon, Meyer, and Pink Lemons. People all over the world love Meyer lemons. This lemon variety is a favorite due to their many culinary uses, and their thin rind makes it very easy to squeeze! Gather the kids this summer and build them a lemonade stand; fresh-squeezed lemonade is coming right up!





650x650-Limes-on-TreeLime: Mexican Lime (Key Lime) and Bearss Lime (Persian Lime) are two favorite varieties used for cooking, baking, and cocktails. Do you remember the great lime shortage a few years ago? Taco Tuesdays and Margarita Mondays were left a little bland. When you grow a lime tree, there is no need to ever worry about a shortage and skyrocketing prices for margaritas!





oro-blanco-grapfruitGrapefruit: There are not too many fruits that can match the health benefits of grapefruit. Make them a part of your breakfast routine, and it is a refreshing and energizing way to start your day. Do you think grapefruit is too sour? Well, Oro Blanco has a sweet tasting flesh that is far from sour! Other great tasting varieties include Marsh Seedless, Ruby Red, and Rio Red.





HASS_AVOCADO_650x650-2Avocado: We can eat an avocado many ways. People like to spread them on toast, make guacamole, and even ice cream. Yes, avocados are healthy, and the Haas avocado is a favorite throughout the world thanks to its creamy taste. Growing an avocado tree in your backyard brings many rewards, from the fruit to shade coverage. Bacon, Fuerte, and Zutano avocados are other varieties that thrive in our area.





650x650-PeachesPeach: Make peach cobbler or slice them up and pour some cream over them. Either way, peaches are a delight for the taste buds. Some of the best tasting peaches are grown right here. We can grow Desert Gold, Florida Prince, and May Pride! Eat and peach and be merry!






dorsett-golden-appleApple: Yes, we can grow apples in Southern California! Low-chill varieties are best, and these include Anna, Fuji, and Dorsett (Golden). They are also beautiful landscape trees that can bring color and shade to a backyard!







royal_apricot_2Apricot: You will know summer has arrived when an apricot tree is producing fruit. A few of the tastiest varieties can be grown here – Gold Kist, Katy, and Royal (Blenheim). Apricots are prized throughout the world for being some of the juiciest, sweetest, and tastiest fruits on the planet!






650x650-Fig-on-TreeFig: The Black Mission Fig thrives in our area, so we can enjoy the best-tasting figs as a spread or eating whole! They are nutritious and delicious fruit, and these highly adaptable trees are an excellent choice for any yard. They have attractive green foliage that can provide plenty of shade, too. We like to plant them as beautiful seasonal screening plant for patios and decks.





santa-rosa-plumPlum: The Santa Rosa Plum is a favorite stone fruit throughout the world. We are fortunate that this low-chill variety loves to grow in Southern California. This is one of the best-tasting plums, whether eaten whole or use to make preserves. They are excellent landscape trees that can produce a beautiful show of flowers in spring.

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