The Importance of Fertilizing Your Trees in the Summer

The Importance of Fertilizing Your Trees in the Summer

By Felipe Benavides on June, 12 2018

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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

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moon-juice-ca-az-2Actively growing trees should be fertilized throughout the year. While many of the nutrients are present in the soil, water, and air, supplemental feeding can be an added benefit. Plus, using a fertilizer such as Super Charged Moon Juice can help trees handle the stresses of the summer and heat.


Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies

  • If the leaves are yellow and smaller than normal, they may be deficient in Nitrogen.
  • If the leaves are small and the edges are scorched, purplish, or blue-green in color, they may be deficient in Phosphorous
  • If the tips and edges become yellow and scorched-looking, with brownish purple spotting underneath, there may be a Potassium deficiency.
  • If the leaves turn dark from the base outward and die, they may be deficient in Calcium.
  • If there is yellow between the veins, and remain green or slightly yellow, there may be an iron deficiency.
  • If the leaf center turns reddish or yellow and dead spots are appearing between veins, there may be a Magnesium deficiency.
  • If the upper leaves are yellow in the center, between the veins, with no sign of red, there may be a Manganese deficiency.
  • If the veins grow lighter in color than the tissue in between, they may be deficient in Sulfur.


Why is Fertilizer Important

Our urban and suburban trees are going to need additional nutrients than what’s provided in the surrounding environment. Unlike the trees growing in our forests, our planted trees are going to be dealing with other stressors and deficiencies. Using the proper fertilizer can provide the much-needed micro and macronutrients that are not naturally found in our environment. After all, in the forests, trees have the advantage of naturally occurring fertilization due to animals and decomposing material. The good news is that with the proper fertilizer, the steady supply of nutrients needed by growing trees is available. With the right nutrients, our trees can grow healthy and strong. We can boost the immune system of trees with fertilizers that protect them from pests and disease. Healthy trees can handle the summer heat and our Santa Ana winds. Fertilize your trees in the summertime so that they can grow healthy and beautiful – no matter how hot it gets this summer!

A regular fertilizing program is the best way to ensure that trees are healthy all year long. You have probably heard about our famous Moon Juice. We recommend using Moon Juice monthly so that trees get that boost to help them with our warmer and drier weather. We have created custom blended fertilizers that are designed to trigger growth responses. Plus, these beneficial fertilizers can be used at any time, even after our springtime growth season.


Fertilizers: Read All About Them!


With so many fertilizers out there, we know that choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. We make it easy for you! In fact, we use our fertilizers throughout our growing farms and nurseries, which is why we can boast about our beautiful trees that no one else can match. Read about our grown proven, and grower approved fertilizers below and then head on over to your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location to pick some up.

moon_juice_fert_better_2Supercharged Moon Juice: When it comes to summertime fertilizers, it is hard to beat our Supercharged Moon Juice. This specialized liquid blend is super easy to use and is perfect for all trees and plants! It features our proprietary Furst liquid technology, which helps to maximize your tree’s potential. Moon Juice contains the three most essential micro-nutrients – Iron, Manganese, and Zinc! New plantings will benefit from its other ingredients, such as Vitamin B-1 and thiamine mononitrate. It’s going to get hot in Southern California. Feed your trees with Moon Juice so that they can have the added boost and the ability to recover and prevent issues brought on by extreme heat, transplanting, and other events. 

palm_juice_fertSuper Palm Juice: As the name suggests, this is the Super Palm Juice that palm trees are going to want to stay healthy-looking during the summer. Palms need a unique blend of nutrients, and our custom blended liquid has got them - Potash, Manganese, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, and Boron. When you use this super easy-to-use liquid, it can help produce stronger, thicker trunks, and dark green fronds. Does your palm have yellow, delicate, or disfigured fronds? Use Super Palm Juice and watch as the palm gets back to health!



moon_dust_fertMoon Dust: This custom, organic blend contains the essential nutrients trees and plants need – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. It dissolves quickly and starts working fast!





Moon-GreenMoon Green: Keep ‘em green! Moon Green is a safe and easy-to-use solution for yellowing trees and plants. Developed to help fight Iron Chlorosis (deficiency), we combined Iron with our Furst liquid technology for an easy fix. Moon Green also helps reduce soil alkalinity and neutralize caliche clay soils. Best of all, it promotes greener and darker leaves! Our hot summers have got nothing on Moon Green. Use it to bring back the greenery into your landscape during the summertime. Say goodbye to yellowing foliage and hello to green!

soil_conditioner_fertSoil & Water Conditioner: Make watering and fertilizing more efficient using this Soil & Water Conditioner. It helps to optimize soil conditions and works with any fertilizer. Our custom Soil and Water Conditioner helps to break up the salt buildup and loosens the tough soil in our landscape. The Sulfur contained will reduce the high pH level and lets the salt flush out of the root system. Gypsum leads to better drainage and loosening of the soil. Use it every other month, so your soil will be healthier which will allow your trees to access needed nutrients and water this summer!

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