Christmas Tree Varieties At Moon Valley Nurseries

Christmas Tree Varieties At Moon Valley Nurseries

By Garrett Cleverly on December, 21 2015
Christmas Trees

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Garrett Cleverly

Garrett Cleverly is versed in all native and non native species of plants, trees, succulents, and cacti that grow throughout the southern region. Garrett has a love for gardening and all things outdoors.

There are many family traditions around the holiday season, but one that stands out year-after-year is the picking of the annual Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is the major focal point for any home during the holiday season and it sometimes doesn’t feel like the holidays until a Christmas tree is in the house. That is why it is extremely important to pick up the World’s Best Christmas Trees at Moon Valley Nurseries. 

We have the freshest trees and the lowest prices guaranteed. Our super fresh trees are expressed shipped within 48 hours of cutting to ensure the highest quality and freshest trees for you and your loved ones. From MASSIVE to large, and from thick to wide, you know you’ll get the World’s Best Christmas tree at Moon Valley Nurseries.

Below are three varieties of trees we carry at our Christmas tree lots.  Map our Christmas Tree lots below and download your $6 OFF coupon.


Noble Firs
When it comes to popularity, the Noble Fir at our Christmas Tree lots has all the other Christmas Trees beat by a mile. The Noble Fir is popular due to its layered appearance, which allows for more room to hang ornaments between the branches. The branches are some of the strongest around and even the heaviest ornaments will produce minimal sag. Its needles are over and inch long and when the Christmas Tree lights are on, the blue-green color of the needled gives it a beautiful lightest display.


Douglas Firs
If you’re looking for a classic Christmas touch, the Douglas Fir is the way to go. One of the most popular Christmas Trees throughout the U.S., the Douglas Fir is known for its bushy branches, dense appearance, and defined cone shape. The Douglas Fir’s needles are dark-green to blue-green in color and the needles spread out in all directions from the branch. It has a distinctive pine scent and it gives off one of the best aromas among Christmas Trees when the needles are crushed. Moon Valley Nurseries carries only the best Douglas Firs. When you pick one up from us, you’ll know it can support a lot of Christmas lights!

Grand FirsNoble_Fir_Christmastrees_farm_
Our favorite Christmas Tree for its rich fragrance, the Grand Fir is unique in the way it displays its needles. The needles on top are dark colored and shoot out from the side creating a flat looking appearance. Underneath the needles is a silver underside can reflect light which produces a sparkling display when draped with Christmas lights. The needles when crushed can give off a citrusy smell. The Grand Fir is horizontally spread which allows the upper and lower sides of the branches to be clearly visible for ornament hanging!  
Our Christmas Tree lots carry the freshest trees you’ll find anywhere. All Christmas trees are expressed shipped within 48 hours of cutting to ensure freshness. For the World’s BEST Christmas Trees be sure to head to the Moon! Map our Christmas Tree lots below and download your $6 OFF coupon.
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