‘Tis The Season for Christmas Trees

‘Tis The Season for Christmas Trees

By Jessica Downs on December, 7 2018
Christmas Trees

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Moon Valley Christmas Trees are back

Moon Valley Nurseries is happy to offer our community the best Christmas trees once again this year! These are the freshest trees you will find anywhere – just come in and smell the difference! Our premium-quality trees are grown in Oregon on sustainable tree farms and cut to order. Then the trees start their journey from the Pacific Northwest to Arizona. We place them in our super cold trucks and express-ship them straight to our Christmas tree lots. From the moment they are harvested to the minute they go home with you; our trees are kept cool under burlap and stood up in a water basin to keep the foliage green and ready for decorations. Because they are available within days of harvesting and cutting, we can guarantee that you will have the freshest and most aromatic trees in town! You might even catch a glimpse of some Pacific Northwest snow on the trees when they arrive!

Not only do we offer the freshest trees at our Christmas lots, we have the best staff waiting to help you with the perfect tree for you. The moment you step on the lot, we are here to help you find the tree that fits your needs best. Once you have chosen your Christmas tree, our staff will cut and trim the tree, secure it to your vehicle, or even deliver it straight to your door for you!


Noble Fir


Key Features: Symmetrical, stiff branches, used to make wreaths and garland decorations, blueish-green needles with silver tint, most popular Christmas trees.

The Noble Fir is a holiday favorite for the Christmas season. Noble Firs are beautifully-shaped with symmetrical branches that make them ideal for hanging both light and heavy ornaments. The open branching also helps decorating go easier and faster than other trees. People also love them because of their longevity - their attractive bluish-green needles can be enjoyed throughout the Christmas season. Their stiff branches can also offer excellent greenery for wreaths and garland decorations.

At Moon Valley Christmas lots, you can find freshly cut Noble Fir trees as small as table tops and as tall as 20 feet. If you appreciate the aroma of a fresh-cut tree, you’ll love that we have the longest-lasting fresh-cut trees you can find in town. We make it easy to have the perfect tree that is ready to adorn your home with holiday spirit and Christmas cheer.

Douglas Fir 


Key Features: Blueish-Green needles, soft needles, sweet fragrance, full body, great for tinsel decorations.

If you love the pleasing smell of a freshly harvested Christmas tree, you will love our Douglas Firs. This Christmas tree has a beautiful display of 1 to 2-inch green/blue-green needles that release the most potent fragrance of all other trees. The Douglas Fir is instantly recognized by the crisp, sweet fragrance and the needles that create a full, thick look. It is so thick that sometimes you can’t even see the trunk! Best part of this tree is that there is no such thing as over decorating thanks to their ability to hold a lot of decorations!

The Douglas Fir is the Christmas tree that plays a role in creating long-lasting memories and helps remind us of our own childhood. One look and a deep whiff of its scent and it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular Christmas tree species in the United States! Moon Valley Nurseries has the Douglas Fir trees in nearly all sizes, from small table-top sizes to trees up to 15 feet tall.

Christmas Tree Care Guide

  • Make sure to find a perfect spot for your tree before you bring it home.
    • You will want to place your tree away from direct sunlight, air vents, and FAR AWAY from fireplaces. Trust us, it will be much easier to pick a spot before you have the tree!
  • Stand your tree upright immediately after arrival.
    • You will want to fill the water basin once the tree is secured. You can also purchase a professional tree preservative that you can purchase at our Christmas lots.
  • Check and fill the water
    • Check the water levels every few days and keep it filled with water and the tree preservative (if purchased). This is the most important step to keep you tree healthy through the holidays.

Find A Moon Valley Christmas Tree Lot Near You

Moon Valley Nurseries is proud to be able to offer our Arizona community the best Christmas trees in the state! We have eight locations across the valley from Peoria to Queen Creek and everywhere in between. Come by any day between 9 am to 9 pm and let us help you find the best tree for the best time of year!

Click here for Arizona location details and more!

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