Get Excited for Fall Planting at Moon Valley Nurseries

Get Excited for Fall Planting at Moon Valley Nurseries

By LP Oviedo on August, 28 2019
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Between the fall color and cooler weather right around the corner, there isn't a better time to be living in Arizona. Benefiting from shade during our extreme summers is a must if you want to survive the Arizona heat. 

In the Phoenix region, some schools have even suspended recess and outside lunches until the weather cools down. With better tree placement, there would be no need for this limitation on our kids.

Enjoying our exterior spaces starts with planting the perfect trees at the perfect time. I personally love the fact that my kids come home full of energy from sitting all day in class. I usually send them outside to run around and burn some of that adrenaline off before starting homework.

Fortunately for me, about three years ago, I planted a couple of the exclusive Evergreen Ash trees that Moon Valley Nursery grows. They have grown into huge trees in such a short period, and it provides shade for my kids to enjoy all day. They don't have to wait until the late evening to go out and aren't restricted from enjoying themselves any time of the day.  

Why is fall planting the best time to plant in Arizona?  

evergreen ash

No matter what type of trees you choose to plant, there are enormous benefits to planting in the fall. From palms to evergreens, from deciduous to shade trees, they all appreciate having 8-10 months of cool weather to adapt and gain their optimal health before 115 degrees comes back.

Planting Trees Saves You Money

Trees use less water in colder months, saving huge on the pocketbook. Some yards will take several hundred gallons of water to saturate root balls during the summer months entirely. Planting in the fall will give trees time to acclimate to their new situations before summer and will allow for less water to be needed during the summer. So not only helping save money now but for the future as well.  

Extra Time with Kids Back in School

While working in the nursery, I get to meet so many people from all over the valley. I cannot believe how many parents were just waiting for their kids to start school so they could come in with their extra free time to get their project done. With our design app available we are getting a lot of families their dream yards designed, scheduled, and planted. Simply bring in some photos of your yard on a phone or tablet and we will make the rest happen. So, while the little ones are in school, come get your dream yard.  

Beat The Snowbirds Before They Get to Phoenix

We all love what the snowbirds do for our economy here in Arizona but we all know that about that by the third week of November our freeways will be backed up and our contractors will be scheduled weeks out in advance. Not only are we able to get you in before they arrive, but you will be beating them to the best planting time possible. All of our Arizona grown trees and plants will be flowering beautifully in your yard by the time they are pulling up in their RV's!!! 


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