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Posted by Paul Popoff on 2/17/2017


All About the Ficus


Dark green leaves and thick canopy’s, contrasting with beautifully colored white trunks. These are a just a few of the characteristics that make the ficus such a beautiful and versatile shade tree to plant in any landscape style. Native to India, Malaysia and most of Southeast Asia, the ficus has found its home from Southern California into the Desert Southwest of Arizona and into Florida. This extremely popular tree grows in many forms and offers many uses for the homeowners and business owners alike.

Ficus Styles

Ficus-Columns.pngFicus Hedge

Nothing makes a backyard feel like a resort than to create a private escape from the outside world. The Ficus is the best choice to help you accomplish this if building a 20-foot wall of concrete does not sound appealing. These trees grow full from the ground to top and can be planted in rows together to create a thick, lush privacy screen separating your backyard from those nosy neighbors, loud streets or other unwanted views. The Hollywood Hedge as owner Les Blake has coined these, has become a favorite for everyone from Hollywood’s elite, major business and homeowners looking to be able to enjoy their backyards without worrying about the outside world.


Blocking unwanted views aside the standard Ficus tree does it all as well. These are your typical tree style showing off their beautiful silver-white trunks and thick crowns. These are evergreen trees meaning they are green year round and are one of the cleanest trees you can plant and easiest to care for! Fics are a medium to large shade tree depending on how you trim or keep them, they can be kept fairly small and compact or allowed to grow and cast great shade and privacy. Planting these trees in your yard and in the proper location will not only add grace and beauty but can also decrease energy cost as well as increase home resale values. According to the Arbor Day Foundation’s research “83 percent of realtors® believe that mature trees have a ‘strong or moderate impact’ on the salability of homes listed for under $150,000; on homes over $250,000, this perception increases to 98 percent.”

multitrunk.pngMulti Trunk Ficus

Like the other Ficus listed this tree gives you all the benefits of privacy, shade, and increased home value while decreasing energy cost. This tree is unique in its appearance however. Growing with multiple trunks out of the ground this is a more stylistic tree making a great focal point anywhere in your landscape or business. Many customers will choose to use up-lighting on these specimens to showcase these magnificent trees at night as well.



Ficus Facts

  • Medium to Large Shade
  •  Evergreen
  •  Easy to Grow & Establish
  • Drought Tolerant Once Established
  • Perfect For Hedges & Privacy
  •  For Best Results Fertilize Monthly with Moon Dust

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