How do You Care for a Newly Planted Evergreen Tree?

How do You Care for a Newly Planted Evergreen Tree?

By Blog on November, 14 2022
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How do You Care for a Newly Planted Evergreen Tree

Ensure Your Evergreen Tree Thrives in Texas

Evergreen trees are excellent additions to any landscape, as they are lush, beautiful, and require minimal maintenance. While the upkeep on evergreens isn’t difficult, it is still necessary to ensure your tree does well and achieves its full appeal. We’ve compiled a list of care tips to guide you through the process of planting a new evergreen tree.


Choose the Right Evergreen for Your Texas Property

With so many species of evergreen trees available, deciding which evergreen tree suits your property may be overwhelming. For a tree that offers optimal privacy, Carolina Cherry is an excellent choice, as it’s known for its density. If you’re looking for an evergreen that shades your sunny Texas yard, a Live Oak is ideal for providing a break from the hot sun.


When to Plant Your Evergreen Tree

Planting your evergreen tree at the optimum time of year is crucial. Planting during the cooler months, from mid-November to late February, has its advantages, as planting during this time keeps water loss at a minimum while your tree establishes roots. It is also vital to plant your evergreen in a location that receives a decent amount of sunlight.


Nutrient Rich Soil

While evergreens are not too finicky about soil, if you choose an evergreen species that grows well in Texas, it is imperative to plant them in nutrient-rich soil that has plenty of moisture to ensure a solid foundation from the moment it’s planted. Evergreen trees require well-drained but moisture-holding soil.


Watering and Mulching

Evergreens are durable and often drought-resistant, but they require soil moisture to withstand harsh weather conditions. Mulching with coarse wood chips or shredded bark around the dripline is recommended. You can also mix compost with the mulch for added nutrients that benefit your tree.

When cooler weather hits, your evergreen may become dormant or semi-dormant. Monitor the water requirements of your evergreen during this time, as too much water during cooler weather may result in root rot.


Beware of Transplant Shock

Your newly planted evergreen tree may endure transplant shock. During transplant shock, the needles may drop, and the leaves may become discolored from stress. A root stimulant like Super Charged Moon Juice is beneficial for your evergreen at this delicate time. A root stimulant promotes vigorous root growth and can help your evergreen become established more quickly, and it can also help fight off the effects of transplant shock. For advice on watering your tree during the transplant phase, contact the professionals at Moon Valley Nurseries.


Fertilizing Your Evergreen

Fertilizing may help the growth and appearance of your evergreen, and you can begin fertilizing a month after the tree has been planted, as long as it is between the months of February-September. Moon Valley Nurseries offers a variety of fertilizer products, including Moon Dust, Moon Green, Moon Juice, and Moon Micro Boost. Depending on the needs of your tree, these products can be used to maximize nutrient intake, increase iron availability, and enhance the health and vigor of your evergreen. You can also add soil conditioner in regular doses to tailor the soil to the needs of your tree.


Maximize Your Evergreen's Growth

While evergreens can be a straightforward tree to plant, they still have their unique challenges, and that’s where Moon Valley Nurseries professionals come in. We can lend you expert advice on planting, maintaining, and caring for your evergreen or other specimens you may be interested in. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your trees and other plant needs!

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