How Do You Nurture a Newly Transplanted Tree?

How Do You Nurture a Newly Transplanted Tree?

By Blog on November, 21 2022
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How Do You Nurture a Newly Transplanted Tree_

Nurture a Newly Transplanted Tree in Las Vegas, NV

Once you've picked an optimal location on your Las Vegas property, and your tree has been planted properly with trunk flare exposed and proper precautions to ensure its growth, it is time to incorporate our tried and true tree care techniques. Different species of trees require specific nurturing; however, all trees require these key components to ensure they grow healthy and happy.


Saplings vs. Mature Trees

How you care for your newly planted tree will depend on whether the new specimen is a sapling or a mature tree. Both options have their benefits, and a nursery specialist can direct you on what works best for your Las Vegas property.

Transplant Shock

When transplanting a mature tree, they may develop transplant shock. You can spot transplant shock in the leaves, as they may wilt, curl, and change colors. If transplant shock isn't addressed quickly, the tree may lose leaves, and the branches can die. Proper care, such as watering, mulching, and fertilizer such as Moon Valley Nurseries' Moon Dust, can restore your tree.


Being Water-Wise

When irrigating your newly planted tree, you should aim to provide profound water penetration that allows the roots to grow deeper in the soil. Sprinklers are not ideal for this type of watering; a drip irrigation system is better suited. Ensure the soil your tree is planted in has decent drainage; it should be moist, but not drowning.


Proper Mulching

Mulching is essential to your tree, as it provides nutrients, regulates the temperature, and protects the roots. Clear out weeds or grass before applying the mulch, as they will steal nutrients and water from your tree. Keep the mulch 4-6 inches away from the base of the trunk and apply it 3-4 inches thick for optimal benefits.


The Key to Fertilizing

After the first month, fertilize your tree before the scorching Las Vegas summer arrives, to ensure your tree gets the nutrients it lacks in the hot climate and dry soil. Once the extreme heat arrives, we recommend using Moon Juice monthly, and Moon Valley’s Soil Conditioner every second month to ensure your tree has access to essential nutrients.


How to Prune Your New Tree

You should allow your tree to grow and fill out independently during the first year. The leaves provide energy for the tree, and during the early stages, energy is essential. If your tree has damaged areas from transportation and transplant, you could remove those pieces. After the first year, pruning helps maintain a strong tree by eliminating damaged or unhealthy branches that put the rest of the tree at risk.


Staking Your Newly Planted Tree

In some instances, a tree will require staking for support. When a tree is staked, it is important to remove the staking after 1-2 years. If it is left staked for too long, it can damage or kill the tree.


Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Caring for a newly planted tree in Las Vegas can be challenging, with the dry climate and exceptionally hot weather. When you’re unsure how to maintain your tree, the best course of action is to consult a professional at Moon Valley Nurseries, who can guide you to nurture your newly planted tree properly. Contact us today to discuss your tree’s needs!

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