Key to Organic Gardening

Key to Organic Gardening

By Micah Swinhart on October, 21 2019
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Micah Swinhart

How to Battle the Bugs Organically

Many homeowner's goals for their yard is to achieve a perfect tropical, desert, or Mediterranean landscape. While this can be easily done by speaking to your local Moon Valley Nurseries professional, many times, troublesome bugs and pests can get in the way. 

Dealing with Bugs and Pests


The key to maintaining your property and garden is by using Monterey BT for organic gardening. It's a safe alternative to harsh chemicals that many spray on their vegetables and shade trees. The main ingredient in the Monterey BT for organic gardening is active, safe toxins that are poisonous for caterpillars and worms but are safe for humans to consume regularly. 

pbi305-webUsing Organic Products

We recommend that homeowners apply BT for organic gardening when worms or caterpillars are first spotted. It's crucial to repeat the process at a five to seven-day interval while they are still active. Apply the product more frequently to control the heavy infestations on trees, shrubs, and vegetable plants. 

Applying Monterey BT to Your Plants

The best way to use the product is to spray it from top to bottom of any affected foliage, then liberally reapply after heavy rains. This product is beneficial before, during, and after the monsoon season. 

The key factor to remember is that the product must be eaten by the bugs to eliminate them. That's why you should use a large amount of it. Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we supply it for you in a spray bottle, a hose attachment bottle, and in a concentrated form. This way, you can mix it yourself in an applicator of your choice. 

After these bothersome insects eat the BT, they will immediately stop feeding. It might appear as if they are still active because of previous feeding leaving marks on the leaves. Old foliage will not repair itself from the marks left, but new growth will not be affected by the bugs that were previously feeding on the old leaves. 


Moon Valley Stamp of Approval

The best benefit of using BT is that you can apply it up until the day you pick the fruit or vegetables. It reinforces the fact that it is entirely safe for you and your family to use. BT is the organic product that Moon Valley Nurseries has put their stamp of approval on for the most effective tool against any worms and caterpillars. 

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