Tackle Your Landscaping Issues [Blocking Noise and Unsightly Areas]

Tackle Your Landscaping Issues [Blocking Noise and Unsightly Areas]

By Jessica Downs on October, 18 2019
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The best part about owning a house is that it’s yours, and you can make changes, add new things, and re-invent it to be your perfect home. In part 1 of “Tackle Your Landscaping Issues,” we focused on trees and plant suggestions for adding privacy and creating landscape designs for your new home. This time we are focusing more on blocking out noise and unsightly views in your front and back yards. While this can be a new homeowner issue, it also applies to older homeowners!

As a new homeowner, you may not have noticed just how close your home was from a local park or school or that your street has more traffic than you expected. For older homeowners, you may be dealing with similar problems that have escalated over the years and you need help blocking noise and views.

To reduce noise around your home and block out unsightly areas, we have a wide selection of trees and shrubs that can get the job done. We can even help you design your beautiful landscape upgrade! Keep reading for some of our favorite trees and plants to help you with your landscape goals.

Trees and Plants for Blocking Noise

Maybe you didn’t realize your home was located so closely to noisy areas such as parks, schools, busy streets, or loud neighbors, or perhaps these issues have slowly increased over time.

Whatever the problem is, a well-organized design can help reduce noise around your home and let you feel more at home than before! Planting trees and large shrubs in a hedge-like order or designing a living wall, to construct a solid barrier will be most useful for noise reduction.

AZ tree of week 31 ficus column  (2)

Ficus Columns

Our improved Ficus Nitida Columns are perfect for creating a dense barrier to block out anything you want! They love the heat and get more drought-tolerant as their roots establish. They grow quickly and are easy to take care of throughout each season.



Podocarpus is a low-maintenance tree that is most often used in landscapes as a screen. This fast-growing tree can handle regular trimmings to fit your exact design needs or neighborhood restrictions.

When left alone, they can grow large and create a dense structure of branches and foliage to help block out noise and increase privacy.

Trees and Plants for Blocking Unsightly Areas

Another landscape issue we hear about in our nurseries is that our customers have an unsightly spot in their yard or their neighbors’ yard that they want to cover up. Some issues that you might run into are noisy pool pumps and A/C units, or bland block fence.

As important as they are to your home, you don’t need to see them every day, and there are many ways to block them from sight with attractive plants from palms to shrubs. 

pygmy palms

Pygmy Date Palm

The Pygmy Date Palm is a small palm that can fit in tight spaces and bring a unique look to your yard. This palm can be grown in single and multi-trunk form. The Pygmy can grow in full sun to partial shade and require little maintenance.



The Hopseed is a sun-loving shrub that can fit easily into any landscape as a filler plant to make sure your pool pump is well disguised! Hopseed can grow as tall as eight to ten feet and block out quite a bit of unsightly space!

Our Green Hopseed variety will add bright green foliage to your landscape while our Purple Hopseed variety adds a pop of purple that will contrast beautifully with your other plant material.

Ask a Nursery Professional

Now is a great time to plant! Stop by Moon Valley Nurseries and speak with a nursery pro about where to get started with your new landscape project. We can help you pick out the perfect plants for your specific situation and design the best set-up for your yard.

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