Get Ready for Your Moon Valley Nurseries Visit

Get Ready for Your Moon Valley Nurseries Visit

By Jessica Downs on August, 16 2019

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Taking the Stress Out of Choosing a Tree


Have you ever walked into a store and quickly became overwhelmed with everything you are seeing, the options in front of you, or interactions you were not expecting to have or prepped for? Most of us have probably had this happen a few times in our lives!

Customer service is our top priority, and we want to make sure you get the best service from start to finish when you work with us. We often see customers come in, unsure about what to focus on or trying to do too many things and getting swamped in the process.

When you come to Moon Valley Nurseries, we want to do as much as we can for our customers so they can take a breath and let us handle the project in any way they need!

Keep reading to find out what to expect when you come to the nursery and how we can help you every step of the way from getting your project started and protecting your trees, even long after we plant them!

1) Questions, Questions and more Questions

TXDesignConsultWhen you come to the nursery, you will notice plenty of knowledgeable nursery professionals ready to help you figure out what you need and get your project started.

Our top priority is to help our customers whether they need to finish an incomplete yard, design a completely new landscape, solve issues with your plant material, and everything else in the nursery world!

Our nursery professionals will walk you around the nursery to give you an idea of the type of trees we carry and our large inventory of HUGE trees (you can only find trees this big at Moon Valley Nurseries!) and get to know you and what brought you to our nursery. 

We like to ask questions on our walk to find out more about your goals and individual preferences. This information is vital in being able to narrow down the choices of selecting the right trees.

Do you need or want shade? Privacy? Maintenance? Location? HOA requirements? These questions are absolutely essential to getting started. It can be very easy to get confused or overwhelmed if you see every tree in our nursery, which is why we want to narrow down the options and show you the right trees. This process saves time and gets your new trees to your yard sooner!

2) Specimen and Exclusive Trees

specimen AZ CAOnce you and our experts narrow down the selection, they will walk you over to our biggest beautiful trees so that you can see what you will have in your yard soon.

The reason we show our customers the largest trees is because it makes a perfect visual aid for them. This will show them the future canopy, the size, and color of the leaves, the trunk, the shape, and ultimately what their choice will look like in their yard.

After each tree that fits their needs has been evaluated, the customer can now easily decide not only on which tree they want to purchase, but also the size and age of the tree. Moon Valley has trees in almost every size and certainly for every budget!

Moon Valley Nurseries has many varieties of specimen and exclusive trees at our nurseries such as palms, flowering, desert, and fruit trees. You can essentially fill your entire property with trees that only Moon Valley Nurseries grows and carries! 

3) Moon Valley Nurseries One-Year Extended Warranty Program

jacaranda landscapeWhile all our trees come with a short-term warranty, we recommend adding our one-year extended warranty program. This program become a popular service that our customers add on to each tree because of the excellent benefits that come with it.

Moon Valley Nurseries offers an unprecedented extended warranty for our trees. This means that when a customer invests in our products, we will not only safeguard your investment from weather or uncontrollable situations, we also shield you from the anxiety of regret.

Our extended warranty allows customers to change their mind. If homeowners find themselves in this particular scenario, it is as simple as picking up the telephone and calling your design specialist to change out the tree for another, no questions asked.

For full terms and conditions of our one-year extended warranty program, click here.

Visit Moon Valley Nurseries Today!

In conclusion, when you decide to come in to see the nursery, do not fear the task of purchasing trees. We are all trained design specialists and nursery professionals that want to make this not only an enjoyable experience for you but also one that will eliminate any undue stress of getting your project started and completed with Moon Valley Nurseries!

Now that you know what to expect when you come to the nursery, all that is left is to come visit us at the location nearest to you or schedule a consultation today. We can’t wait to help you get your dream yard started.

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