Should You Xeriscape Your Yard?

Should You Xeriscape Your Yard?

By Eric Chapman on August, 9 2019
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Eric Chapman

What is Xeriscape Landscaping?

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping where little to no irrigation is required. In some cases, this even includes maintenance. In Phoenix, this would include trees and plants that are native to our climates or other similar climates.

A misconception we often hear when customers are considering a xeriscape design is that they will not have any color or flowering shrubs and trees, but this is not the case. There are many varieties of plants and trees at Moon Valley Nurseries that can bring your yard color, flowers, and a natural desert look.

Benefits of a Xeriscape Landscape

There are many benefits to designing a xeriscape yard or property. For our region, it incorporates the natural beauty around us into our own yards so well! Two huge reasons to consider xeriscaping your yard is its minimal upkeep and water usage.

Conserving Water

Xeriscaping your yard with the right plants and trees will drastically change how much water you use annually. A typical yard uses about 20,000 gallons of water a year, and xeriscaping can potentially cut that down to half the water usage.

Minimal Maintenance

Xeriscape plants and trees love the sun and do not need much water. All you have to do is watch for weeds once in a while to be sure they aren’t damaging the existing landscape. Minimal pruning may be needed throughout the year, depending on your preference for a manicured or natural look.

Xeriscape Plants

golden barrel At Moon Valley Nurseries, we recognize that offering waterwise plant material is good for our environment, and that has made xeriscaping a design that has been growing quickly in popularity. We make sure that every Moon Valley Nursery offers a whole pallet of xeriscape options so that every customer can find what fits their needs.

Golden Barrel Cactus – This slow-growing cactus brings a bright golden hue to your landscape and grows perfectly round. (pictured)


Desert Spoon – This drought-tolerant plant produces silver-grey foliage that can grow up to six feet high and wide and is perfect for an accent piece in the landscape. 

Gopher Plant – Sometimes also called ‘Silver Sponge’, this upright-growing small shrub adds a unique look to a xeriscape design.

Red Yucca – If you want to make sure your yard has color that pops from down the street, this is an excellent choice. They bring texture to your yard as well as vibrant red flowers shaped like spikes at the end of the foliage. (pictured)

Xeriscape Trees

Desert Willow


Named for its resemblance to willows, the Desert Willow is a perfect xeriscape tree. This drought-tolerant water-wise tree performs well in any landscape in our region. The hardy Desert Willow handles extreme temperature ranges and produces exotic-looking blooms from May until September.

This fast grower requires little maintenance and does best with just enough water to keep it green and blooming throughout the warm summer months. The foliage can also offer light shade to plant material under or near the canopy.

Museum Palo Verde

museum palo verde bloom specimen (1)

The Museum Palo Verde tree is a popular choice for customers looking to decrease their water usage. This low-maintenance tree is easy to grow with full sun and minimal water. The Museum Palo Verde’s layered shade makes the tree allow light in your yard while providing very cooling shade for your home.

Another awesome feature is that this tree produces colorful, vibrant yellow flowers that cover the entire tree during the summer until fall. As this hybrid Palo Verde grows, the canopy will offer more shade, so you can plant ground covers or grass around the trunk.

Chilean Mesquite

ChileanMesquite in container

This hybrid Chilean Mesquite brings the classic desert/xeriscape look with a few beneficial surprises. For starters, this is a thornless variety of mesquite! No need to worry about hurting your hands when around this tree. The Chilean Mesquite has a wide canopy of soft, bright green, fern-like foliage covering its dark twisting branches.

No two Chilean Mesquite trees are the same as the branches always have a different growth pattern. The branches on this mesquite create a fun display of shadows through the night with landscape lighting. Available with single or multiple trunks, our drought-tolerant hybrids can fill many landscape needs with the versatility of being able to grow in the open desert, transitional areas and fits perfectly with the needs of a xeriscape-designed yard.

Get Your Free Xeriscape Design Consultation at Moon Valley Nurseries

There are many ways to be smart and xeriscape your landscape. Come see a design specialist to get started! Click here to get started.

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