Get your Yard Prepped for the Holidays

Get your Yard Prepped for the Holidays

By Jessica Downs on October, 25 2019
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The holidays are getting closer, which can be very exciting and very scary at the same time. While the dinners, decorations, and family visitors are the fun parts of the holiday, the prep can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be – we can help!

We can’t grocery shop for you or babysit your kids while you run errands, but we can make sure your yard is ready to go for you and your family over the next couple of months and through the winter season.

Make sure your yard is picture-perfect this holiday season. Keep reading to see which fertilizers and supplements are best for your trees, plants, and lawn! Now is the best time to plant and add what’s missing to your yard, such as a gorgeous focal point or hedges, large and small!

What to Plant to Instantly Boost Yard Appeal

ITALIAN CYPRESS landscape arizona

Italian Cypress

The Italian Cypress will not only boost the appeal of your home, it will bring a dash of elegance to it as well, just in time for the holidays! This cypress tree grows narrow in a column form that can be planted in tight spaces or lined up along borders or driveways for a formal appearance. These fast-growing evergreens can be planted in your landscape to add more depth and distinctive foliage to the design.

purple leaf plum arizona landscape

Purple Leaf Plum

The Purple Leaf Plum is a small-to-medium ornamental tree the produces a dark purple/burgundy foliage. The trunk structure grows upright into an interesting branch pattern that could create breathtaking shadows with lighting aimed up into the foliage. With pink blooms in the spring, you can plant this showy tree as a focal point in your yard or near a sitting area for added shade next summer.


Japanese Privet

The Japanese Privet is a low-maintenance evergreen shrub that looks great in any yard. It is a medium-to-large plant that spreads out wide as it grows, which makes it a great screen in your front yard. It can be planted along walkways for a small hedge or near property lines for a privacy hedge. When planted in rows, this privet is perfect for laying holiday lights across the top and making a big impact for your festive décor!  

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How to Instantly Boost Landscape Health

Super Moon Juice

Moon Juice

Use it on: Trees, Palms, Shrubs, Vines, Bedding plants, Potted plants

When to use: New planting, freeze/frost damage, wind/physical damage, and heat/summer stress

Our Supercharged Moon Juice was designed specifically for growing in the tough soils in our region. Moon Juice is a growth-enhancer that utilizes a patented Furst liquid technologies blend, which includes an exclusive mix of organic enzymes and amino acids that stimulate growth signals within the plant.

Applying Moon Juice this time of year will help stimulate growth through the winter, decreasing the chances of any frost or cold damage and allowing for a speedy recovery. Moon Juice also makes watering more effective because it helps open the plant roots to uptake more water and nutrients. This can help reduce the amount of water your plants will need making them more waterwise.


Moon Green

Use it on: Trees, Palms, Shrubs, Lawn

When to use: Reduce soil alkaline levels and loosen clay soil, make thick and fuller hedge plants, darker green leaves

Our Moon Green was created as an easy-to-use solution to fix any yellowing leaves and ugly foliage you spot in your yard. With the holidays around the corner, you don’t want a yellowing shrub or unsightly branch to throw off your beautiful yard when people are admiring your decorations! Like our Moon Juice, Moon Green is also infused with Furst liquid helps stimulate the growth signals within plants.  It can also help reduce soil alkalinity, promote darker and greener leaves, and bring a lawn back to life quickly!


Moon Royale

Use it on: Lawns

When to use: We recommend applying Moon Royale every four-to-six weeks to keep your lawn healthy through the multiple growing seasons.

Our Moon Royale Professional Turf Fertilizer is designed to produce thick, long-lasting, and healthy grass in our native soils. The main reason why our Moon Royale was created was that we needed something that could break up our tough soil for a healthier landscape. Once you amend your soil, your trees and plants will absorb more nutrients efficiently.

Within days of applying Moon Royale to your lawn, you will see the grass getting greener and looking lusher. After a few weeks, the grass will be in top condition through winter and perfect for entertaining or taking family photos this holiday season. 

Let the Professionals Handle Your Tree Care

Our Tree Care Division can get any job done, including:

·       Trimming/Pruning

·       Removal

·       Stump grinding

·       Disease and Pest issues

·       Fertilizer soil injections

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