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Moon Valley Nurseries Exclusive Ficus nitida

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/11/2019

learn more about Our Ficus Nitida (Indian Laurel) 

from our moon valley team in mesa 

 Every nursery professional at Moon Valley can answer any question you have about our trees and other plant material, whether you call or come into the store. We are always ready to help you find the right tree for your yard. Let Sam Phillips, our manager at our Mesa nursery,  talk about the Ficus nitida (Indian Laurel) tree and why our trees are the best out there!  


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Learn more about the Ficus nitida (Indian Laurel)

Video Transcription:

"(and I said to the customer, “What do you think this is, Whitfill?") Oh Hi. How you guys doing? This is my friend, Frank. Frank the Ficus. Beautiful tree here isn’t it? This is one of our best specimen trees. This is absolutely our top seller and one of the greatest trees you can grow in the state of Arizona. With out a doubt living out here we all know it gets hot and there is nothing more valuable than shade. This tree right here is something that has been perfectly hybridized and cloned from some of our best specimens that have grown out here in the state of Arizona. Grown from our own specific Moon Valley Mother Trees, this is the Ficus Nitida variety also known as the Indian Laurel. Without a doubt this is a fast growing tree, very efficient tree also one of our cleanest varieties trees here in the valley. There’s a lot of misconception sometimes about how well they can do in the cold weather and absolutely this is an extremely versatile tree they handle all of our weather out here and we have cloned these trees specifically to handle any weather Arizona can throw at it. One thing I love most about this tree is their really nice, dark, deep green canopy it has. Without a doubt this tree can shade any aspect of your home, your yard or just be a great aesthetically pleasing focal point for your yard. One other benefit they have you can control their size at any point of maturity. You can keep it a smaller canopy if you’re looking for something unique to style or let it grow big. They can get upwards to 30 feet and even larger as the years go by. A very fast-growing tree our cleanest variety without a doubt this is a great tree to take advantage of and get in the ground if you’re looking for any summer projects to bring shade to your home."