Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Landscape Soil Conditioner

Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Landscape Soil Conditioner

By Jessica Downs on February, 21 2020

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Optimizes Alkaline Soil Conditions

The most challenging aspect of growing trees, plants, and lawns in the western U.S. is the hard, compact soil and the alkaline matter that can be found in our soil and water. This alkaline condition prevents major and minor nutrients from converting into compounds that are readily available to living plant roots. Alkalinity blocks nutrient “release” and can lead to deficiencies in primary, secondary, and micronutrients.

Hard soil also drains very slowly, which can result in wet, soggy, clay-type soil that is hard-pressed to support healthy plant growth. Sitting water can block or reduce proper respiration in plants. It’s good to identify any problem areas in your yard and start supplementing them now. Adjusting your soil pH and composition with our custom Landscape Soil Conditioner, will significantly improve your soil over time, giving you a healthier yard than ever before.

How Landscape Soil Conditioner Works

Landscape Soil Conditioner is a cost-effective way to make your regular watering and fertilizing sessions more effective while also saving you time and money in the long run. Applying the conditioner to your landscape regularly will continuously help your soil mitigate the effects of the salt in the ground while also helping to neutralize the effects of the salt that comes in with the water in our area. With regular application, it will help your plants establish properly in the soil and allow the soil and, therefore, the plants to absorb more water and nutrients.

Secondary Nutrients for Fertilizers

Moon Valley Nurseries Landscape Soil Conditioner contains Sulfur (S) and Gypsum (CaSO₄·2H₂O) to counteract the salt buildups and loosen tough hard soil. The Sulfur (S) acts to reduce the high Ph levels and allows the excess salt buildup to be flushed out of the root system. Clearing out salts helps the soil convert nutrients more efficiently. Gypsum (CaSO₄·2H₂O) penetrates hard, compact clay to loosen the soil. This creates better drainage and healthier soil.

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Benefits of Landscape Soil Conditioner

  • Encourages deeper root growth
  • Makes water & fertilizer more efficient
  • Breaks up and loosens tough soils
  • Reduces effects of salt present in our water and soil

How to Use Landscape Soil Conditioner

Spread the conditioner evenly underneath the entire tree or plant or over existing lawns. Do not allow it to pile up against the trunk or branches near ground level. Water all trees, plants, and your lawn immediately after adding the conditioner. Using a hose to saturate the entire area is recommended to improve immediate availability.

When planting in caliche or hard clay soil, it is recommended to sprinkle one (1) cup of Landscape Soil Conditioner underneath the root ball of an average shrub and two (2) to four (4) cups underneath trees. Simply spread evenly across the bottom of the hole before installing your tree or plant.

Landscape Soil Conditioner Instructions Use

For Lawns- Using a drop or broadcast spreader, apply directly over the top of existing lawns or mix into the soil before installing new lawns at a rate of 10 to 20 pounds per 100 square feet. Thoroughly water after application.
For Trees and Shrubs - Spread over the entire root area and lightly mix into the soil. Thoroughly water after application.
Trees – two (2) to four (4) cups every other month
Shrubs – ¼ to one (1) cup every other month

Pro Tip: To permanently change the soil in your yard, regularly throughout the year. While it can take up to five years, your landscape will be stronger and healthier than any yard in the area. Check your pH levels regularly to watch the change over time!


Where Can I Get Landscape Soil Conditioner?  

Our Landscape Soil Conditioner is only available at any of our Moon Valley Nurseries locations and online! Everyone can take advantage of this fantastic conditioner to help your trees and other plants thrive in the best soil possible! Click here to find your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and be sure to check out our complete line of fertilizers and nutrients specifically for your area. Our Nursery pros can help you diagnose problems and recommend the correct nutrients and amendments to keep your yard looking great all year long, so head on over now! 

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