Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Moon Dust Fertilizer

Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Moon Dust Fertilizer

By Jessica Downs on February, 14 2020

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The All-Purpose Tree & Plant Food

Moon Dust All-Purpose Fertilizer makes feeding ALL your trees and plants SUPER EASY! For most homeowners, their landscape features a wide variety of trees, shrubs, vines, fruit trees, and maybe a garden or potted plants as well. There’s no need to buy different basic fertilizers for each variety in your landscape.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of fertilizing by creating one simple-to-use fertilizer that provides nutrients effectively to all types of trees and plants. Though there are some plants like palms or grass that may require more specialized nutrients, Moon Dust can benefit every type of tree or plant in all landscapes. Moon Dust is an ideal fertilizer for all shade trees, citrus trees, fruit trees, avocados, shrubs, vines, gardens, and so much more.

How Moon Dust Works

All trees and plants require necessary amounts of the “building block nutrients” Those building blocks consist of Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Our Moon Dust All-Purpose Fertilizer provides these fundamental nutrients in an ideal amount that’s proven beneficial across the widest variety of trees and plants. Also, we’ve included some Sulfur (S) to acidify the mix as it penetrates the soil.

Furthermore, by blending in organic matter, Moon Dust optimizes the balance between earth friendliness and effectiveness. From trees and palms to rose bushes, fruit trees, gardens, and even potted plants, Moon Dust is ideal for providing foundation nutrients necessary for strong, vigorous growth and maximum beauty.

Primary Nutrients in Fertilizers

Nitrogen (16%) is the most essential nutrient for your trees and plants. It is necessary for building protein and optimal tissue growth for your trees and plants. Phosphorus (8%) is the key to the successful overall health and promotes deep root development early. Phosphorus helps trees grow faster, produce brighter flowers, and keep your foliage looking perfectly green. Potassium (4%), combined with the other nutrients used, helps trees and plants in multiple ways. Effects of potassium include faster and stronger growth, and higher resistance to disease and/or infections.

With our perfect blend of these primary nutrients, Moon Valley Nurseries has custom-made an unstoppable fertilizer that will bring any landscape to life. Even with the harsher soil in our regions, our plants will be able to thrive better than ever with Moon Dust!

Benefits of Moon Dust All-Purpose Tree & Plant Fertilizer

  • Vigorous root growth

  • Richer, greener foliage

  • Strong new growth

  • Larger, taster citrus and fruit

  • Longer, more abundant bloom cycles


How to Use Moon Dust

Moon Dust is a quick-dissolving granular fertilizer. Simply spread evenly over the root area of the tree (under the canopy) or plant and water thoroughly after application. Do not allow the fertilizer to pile up against the trunk or branches near the ground level.

Moon Dust Instructions Use

  • For Shrubs - Apply 1/2 to one cup for each plant.
  • For Trees - Apply at a rate of 1/2 cup per inch of trunk diameter.

Example: If the tree trunk is four inches across, two cups of fertilizer should be applied. Do not exceed three cups in one fertilizing session.

Pro Tip: Apply once a month, from March to October, for the best results all year. Always water your trees after applying the right amount of fertilizer. We recommend saturating the entire fertilized area for the most efficiency.


Where Can I Get Moon Dust?  

Moon Dust is available at any of our Moon Valley Nurseries locations and online! Anyone can take advantage of this fantastic blend to help your trees and other plants thrive under a slew of environmental conditions! Click here to find your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and be sure to check out our complete line of fertilizers and nutrients specifically for your area. Our Nursery pros can help you create a plan that is perfect for your yard so head on over now! 

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