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Moon Valley Nurseries Exclusive Majestic Ash

Posted by Jessica Downs on 6/11/2019

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from our moon valley team in mesa 

 Every nursery professional at Moon Valley can answer any question you have about our trees and other plant material, whether you call or come into the store. We are always ready to help you find the right tree for your yard. Let Sam Phillips, our manager at our Mesa nursery,  talk about the Majestic Ash tree and why our varieties are the best out there!  

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Learn more about the Majestic Ash tree here

Video Transcription:

"Hi Guys. How’s it going? I’m Sam Phillips out here at Moon Valley Nurseries Mesa Location. I wanted to show and introduce you to our moon Valley exclusive Majestic Ash Tree. This is a very awesome tree. It’s one of our best-selling trees out here in Arizona. As far as someone looking for quality shade and a fast growing, reliable tree. What’s unique about this tree is that we grow it on the Oodi Rootstock and it’s an exclusive Moon Valley tree, that’s our Majestic Ash. What we do is we actually grow this tree from clippings and clone them from other trees that have been some of our best successes out here and survived all of our weather. What else is unique to it is that we only clone these off of male variety of the Oodi Ash and what that is going to do is prevent any pods from growing for you, help keep your yard a lot cleaner. You’re not going to have any sort of leaf and foliage drop in the wintertime where a lot of the other varieties will defoliate. But specifically, with this tree its very fast growing, very reliable tree if you are looking for shade this summer without a doubt this is one of your best varieties."