The Green Thumb Guide: Moon Valley Nurseries’ Super Charged Moon Juice™

The Green Thumb Guide: Moon Valley Nurseries’ Super Charged Moon Juice™

By Terra Penn on February, 16 2024
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Terra Penn

Trees and plants, as living entities, need proper nourishment and attention to thrive and maintain their health. However, certain situations may lead to stress or shock in your plant material, affecting their well-being.


Natural stresses, such as freeze damage, intense heat, or wind damage can occur at many points throughout the year. Trees and plants also fall under stress when receiving too much or too little water, when not properly fertilized, trimmed, or pruned, and occasionally during transplant.  


Our nursery pros recognize that when your beloved landscape isn’t looking its best, it can cause a lot of concern or dissatisfaction. This is why we created our Super Charged Moon Juice™.


We designed our Super Charged Moon Juice to act like an all-in-one multivitamin and stress relief for all trees and plants. It creates a burst of efficient growth-focused energy that's useful for trees and plants to recover from stress and to encourage strong, healthy new growth during the growing seasons. Moon Juice is so beneficial to all plants that we use it on everything we grow at our farms and every single tree and plant that our professional planting crews install.



How Does Super Charged Moon Juice Work?

10-Feb-07-2024-03-51-24-7860-PMEach jug of Moon Juice contains Furst®-Class Concentrate. This concentrate is a patented, proprietary blend of organic vegetable proteins and amino acids. When this specific formula is introduced into a plant's vascular system, it triggers new growth in the foliage, branches, and root hairs. With that new growth comes the added benefits of improved water and nutrient uptake, allowing for more efficient photosynthesis. This results in significantly improved appearance, nutrient usage, and overall health of the plant. 


Along with Furst Liquid, we've added three essential micronutrients: Zinc, Iron, and Manganese. They are vital in helping to create various enzymes that maximize the photosynthesis process. Finally, we've included Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1), long known for its ability to minimize stress on new plants. This nutrient also has the beneficial effect of increasing strength, vigor, and lushness in currently healthy roots, trunks, and foliage! 


Once your trees and plants begin taking advantage of the extra nutrients Super Charged Moon Juice provides, you'll begin to see incredible results. You will see more blooms, higher and better-tasting fruit production, fuller and greener foliage, and the improved ability to resist diseases and recover from pest damage and seasonal stress. 



11-Feb-07-2024-03-51-25-1768-PMWhat Does Moon Juice Do? 

Enhanced Root Hair Growth: Boosts root hair development for better water and nutrient absorption, laying a strong foundation for plant growth and health.

Increased Disease and Pest Resistance: Strengthens trees and plants against diseases, infections, and pests, enhancing their natural defenses for improved health.

Improved Performance and Appearance: Optimizes the vitality and visual appeal of plants, leading to vibrant colors, fuller blooms, and stronger growth.

Enhanced Stress Recovery: Aids plants in resisting and rebounding from stress caused by extreme weather, transplanting, or pruning, ensuring resilience and continued thriving.



How To Use Super Charged Moon Juice?

Applying moon juice on privacy hedgesDon't worry, using Moon Juice is easy! In fact, all you have to do is read the easy-to-follow directions labeled on the package or watch our how-to video! Just mix with water and apply to the root area of your trees or plants. You can’t really overuse Moon Juice, but we recommend using it three times a year at a minimum during the spring, summer, and fall.  


For optimum results, our nursery pros suggest applying Super Charged Moon Juice monthly to every tree and plant in your yard to give you a beautiful, lush, and hardy landscape all year long. 


The amount you want to use will vary by the size and type of trees and plants, so be sure to read the usage directions on the label, and you are good to go! Always be sure to water trees and plants thoroughly after applying any nutrients and fertilizers.  



Where Can I Get Super Charged Moon Juice? 

16-Feb-07-2024-03-51-25-0755-PMMoon Juice is available at any of our Moon Valley Nurseries locations and online! Anyone can take advantage of this fantastic blend of nutrients to help your trees and other plants thrive under a slew of environmental conditions!  


Click here to find your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location, and be sure to check out our complete line of fertilizers and nutrients designed specifically for your area. Our Nursery pros are happy to help you revitalize and strengthen your yard today! 








To learn more incredible yard care advice, design tips, and tree knowledge, check out our library of articles! We have a massive catalog of entertaining and informative articles written by our experienced nursery professionals to help you succeed with all of your landscaping goals.  


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