Top 3 Hedges to Give Your Las Vegas Home Privacy

Top 3 Hedges to Give Your Las Vegas Home Privacy

By Jessica Downs on July, 26 2019

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Privacy is one of the most important things to us and it is important that we get to come home to a place that feels safe and away from the world. Not only does that apply to your home, but also to your yard.

If you feel like you do not have the privacy you want in your home, hedges are one of the best design options that will solve your problem and add even more benefits to your home such as a greener yard, higher property value, and increased curb appeal!

Whether you are looking for a pure green “living wall” or something more colorful, we have many hedge options to fit your design needs! Learn more about some of our top hedges that our Las Vegas customers love to plant in their properties.

Carolina Cherry

carolina cherry

The Carolina Cherry has become a famous attractive tree for many homeowners in the Las Vegas region. The Carolina Cherry has a natural upright cone-like shape, and its flexibility to pruning makes it an excellent plant for hedges, which makes it a great choice for designs that call for tall OR short hedges. It is drought and heat-tolerant, and requires minimal watering once established.

Its foliage is dark green and blooms small, creamy white flowers in the spring. The dense foliage and high growth potential make it perfect for blocking everything from harsh weather and neighbors that are just too close (or too loud!). Easily pruned into a tall screen of sound barrier, Carolina Cherries are a near-perfect option for many properties.


Japanese Blueberry

jap blueberry-2Need extra privacy in your yard and need something tall and broad? Look no further than the Japanese Blueberry tree. This visually appealing evergreen is a slow-growing tree with dense and lush dark-green foliage. It can reach heights up to two stories if left to grow naturally. We recommend buying as big as you can, so you can enjoy the perks of this tree from the day we install it in your yard.

The density and growth pattern of this tree makes it a perfect choice for a hedge, excelling in privacy and security. It can also be sheared into any size and shape that fits your design. A Japanese Blueberry hedge will thrive in full sun, and it handles the cold quite well too. In the springtime, you will notice small, white flowers blooming to liven up your privacy hedge.


Nellie Stevens Holly


Another great tree, trained as a hedge, with a different look than the typical hedge is the Nellie Stevens Holly. Sometimes known as ‘Nellie R Stevens’, this tree is considered one of the nicest hollies and it’s easy to see why when you see it in person. This fast-growing evergreen, with dark green foliage, will grow upright into a pyramid-like frame, which helps create the perfect shape for a beautiful hedge.

New color shows up twice a year in the form of small white flowers in the spring and ruby red berries in the winter season, which creates a nice contrast against the foliage. Not only is this a great tree due to how fast it grows, but for how easy it is to manage and maintain year-round. This holly just needs partial to full sun, little water, and will benefit from fertilization in early spring. Other than that, they can be left alone and still look amazing.


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The first step to creating the perfect hedge for your yard is to come into Moon Valley Nurseries and check out the best hedge material grown locally to create your ideal privacy barrier.

The next step is to talk to a designer to get the best FREE design consultation in the industry.

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