Tackle Your Landscaping Issues [New Homes and Needed Privacy]

Tackle Your Landscaping Issues [New Homes and Needed Privacy]

By Jessica Downs on October, 10 2019
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Design a New Yard with the Privacy You Need


New Home in Need of New Yard

Finding your perfect home can be hard, so when you finally do, you might compromise here and there. One of those compromises might be the condition of the landscape. After all, your dream floor plan is harder to find than your dream yard and way more expensive to customize.

Your new yard might be a bit bland, in bad shape, or non-existent! That is where a nursery like Moon Valley comes in to help. Unlike other nurseries, our trees and plants are ready for planting in every size possible. Our wide selection of plant material lets us build you a customized yard designed to make your new house feel like home. Check out some of our favorite trees and shrubs below.

Trees and Shrubs for Your New Landscape

Shumard Oak

Shumard Oak-4

The Shumard Oak is an impressive choice to include in your landscape. This oak tree is a medium-to-large size tree and grows into a canopy with a wide-spreading reach, which creates a large area of shade all around it.

This canopy can also help create a full screen to add more privacy to your home, especially if you are surrounded by two-story homes! This tree is a fast-growing species of oak that is very tough and long-living! This tree is known for its traditional look with large dark green leaves that can grow up to eight inches long.

Little John Bottlebrush

little john

The Little John Bottlebrush, or simply 'Little John', is a versatile and hardy shrub that produces dark red, bushy flowers during the spring through fall. The Little John Bottlebrush is a popular accent plant used in many types of landscapes.

It is commonly used to create a unique, informal hedge or as a colorful accent in a desert-style yard. This small-to-medium shrub thrives in our regions and loves the heat. Once these are planted, you will find hummingbirds and butterflies regularly stopping by your yard.

Japanese Boxwood


If you're looking to create a small-to-medium hedge, the Japanese Boxwood is a fantastic pick for your new yard. This hardy evergreen has attractive, bright green foliage that will stand out all year long.  

The Japanese Boxwood shrub has a slow growth rate and does not blossom. This combination means you will spend minimal time cleaning and pruning your boxwoods throughout the year. You can plant them in rows along the border of your property to create a visible barrier or to add symmetry in other areas of your yard.

Purple Lantana


Purple Lantana is one of the most colorful plants around with an abundance of beautiful purple/lavender that bloom half of the year, from spring to fall. The Lantana thrives in the hot summer months and is highly tolerant to drought-like conditions, which makes it easy to plant anywhere in your yard.

Purple Lantana grows and spreads quickly, which is perfect for covering up the bare ground and adding more color to your landscape. Once established, this ground cover will only need little-to-moderate watering and doesn't need much maintenance throughout the year. For a cleaner, formal look, you might prefer to trim it for a more formal look to your landscape.

Design to Create Privacy

Sometimes it's hard to tell precisely what type of privacy you have in your home until after you have settled in! Your neighbors may have a direct view of your backyard, or your windows might perfectly align to theirs with a clear view of each other's home!

You can fix these issues by designing privacy into your landscape and instantly blocking out the views. Whether you need to block a whole section or add a tall screen to block the views of two-story windows, our nursery has something that will solve your issues, such as the trees listed below.

Trees to Add Privacy

Japanese Blueberry

japanese blueberry-4

The Japanese Blueberry tree is a visually appealing evergreen. It creates the perfect privacy wall thanks to its thick, lush foliage that stays dense throughout the year. It thrives in full sun and can handle the cold extremely well.

It has become one of Nevada’s most popular hedge material and is an excellent choice for just about any landscape. Depending on how you choose to trim your trees, you can plant them to grow tall and upright and create a thick privacy wall that covers more than your fence does!

Southern Live Oak


The Southern Live Oak is one of the most stunning trees you can plant in your yard. It produces a wide canopy of dark green, leather-like leaves. The branches and foliage grow into a dense form to create privacy AND shade for your yard. This large privacy tree is drought-tolerant, once established.

If you plant several Live Oaks in a row, it will give your landscape a privacy wall above the fencing in your yard that provides immense protection and shade coverage. This evergreen oak also makes for the perfect ornamental tree and looks gorgeous, surrounded by colorful shrubs!

Italian Cypress


Italian Cypress is a fast-growing tree, perfect for a natural fence! Plant these column trees in a row and create an attractive European-style property divider while also blocking out your neighbors. You can plant these narrow privacy hedges in your yard to bring the look of the Mediterranean to your landscape.

The Italian Cypress tree is a perfect option when you have limited space in your yard. Because of its tall and narrow growth habit, it can be planted anywhere you need to help create more privacy.

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