Low Chill Fruit Trees Perfect for Las Vegas - Updated for 2022

Low Chill Fruit Trees Perfect for Las Vegas - Updated for 2022

By Jessica Downs on June, 14 2019
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Way before Moon Valley Nurseries opened in 1995, our owner and his grandfather developed custom root stock guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and plentiful harvest every year.

The rootstock is extremely important when talking about fruit trees as this is what your trees are grafted on. Many growers take shortcuts when it comes to this process, so they can grow their trees faster and get them to the nursery quicker.

We don't do shortcuts here at Moon Valley Nurseries, so you can only find excellent tasting fruit trees guaranteed to produce at the Moon.

Low Chill Fruit Trees

It is important to know which varieties will do best in the environment of which it will be planted. It is essential to know what type of chill hours you experience in your region. Since we live in a warmer climate, we experience lower chill hours than other parts of the country.

The varieties listed below are all considered low-chill fruit trees, which makes them some of the best fruit varieties to plant now!

Visit Moon Valley Nurseries and try some apples, peaches, plums and more. You will taste the Moon Valley difference.


anna apple on tree for sale at moon valley nurseriesAnna Apples

The Anna apple is perfectly suited for nearly all warmer regions world-wide. This variety was first developed through selective breeding to thrive and produce in the warm climates of Israel.

The tree is self-fertile with blooms producing in early spring and the fruit ripening in late spring to early summer. You might even get a smaller crop during the fall some years. The fruit is crisp yet sweet, features all the health benefits common to all varieties of apple, and is even better when grown in your own yard.



dorsett-golden-appleDorsett Apples

The Dorsett apple is another fantastic apple to grow in all warmer regions around the world. The Dorsett variety features a flavor like the golden delicious variety, yet with a juicier, crisper texture. The Dorsett apple has similar blooms and ripening schedules as the Ana apple.

If eaten before fully ripe, this apple will taste like a Granny Smith apple. The Dorsett is known for reliable production every year, so you will not be lacking on your vitamins.

Quick tip: Leave the skin on for more fiber.



Stone Fruit - PeachDesert Gold Peaches

The Desert Gold peach is a very low-chill variety and is one of the absolute best peaches that can be grown in the warmest regions like ours. This medium size, fast-growing tree is ready to produce immediately.

Each year after planting, this tree will provide more and more fruit! The medium-size peaches are famous for their classic peach flavor and reliable production.

Keep an eye out for blooms in late winter with fruit ripening quickly by late spring to early summer.



santa-rosa-plumSanta Rosa Plums

The Santa Rosa plum is the best, easiest to grow, and most reliable producer that can be grown in both warm and hot regions of the U.S, which makes it right at home in our region.

The medium-sized tree features a coat of brilliant white blossoms in early spring with fruit ready for harvest by late spring to early summer.

The crimson colored fruit is always juicy and flavorful and are a great source for vitamins A, C, and fiber.



Stop By & Sample Some Moon Valley Fruit Today!

Be sure to ask about these varieties and the many more we carry that are perfect for Southern Nevada.



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