top 5 fall flowering trees and plants

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/21/18 8:16 AM

A great landscape can be taken to another level and can benefit from having some color thrown into it. An accent plant (or two or three!) will get the attention of anybody who sets their eyes on it. If you choose the right plant or tree, you might even catch the attention of some pollen and nectar-loving insects that will be happy to enjoy your yard with you!

Check out five great flowering trees and plants you can pick for your yard.

thevetiaThevetia (Thevetia peruviana)

The Thevetia tree, also known as the Yellow Oleander, is a beautiful small to medium tree that prospers in the desert heat. You probably guessed this by now -- this tree does, in fact, have yellow flowers.

From spring to fall, this tree offers a fragrant, brightly colored addition to your yard. While it mainly just blooms in the summer, the warmer climate in Nevada lets it bloom almost all year!

The attractive green foliage helps to give a tropical effect wherever they are planted. Once fully grown, or if you choose a specimen-sized tree, it can grow into a large umbrella-shaped canopy that can provide plenty of shade.

Another bonus of planting a Thevetia tree is all the local hummingbirds enjoying the fragrant bloom!

crape myrtle-1Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia)

These versatile trees are one of the finest flowering trees for our region and are incredibly colorful when they bloom. The Crape Myrtle tree flowers into various shades of white, red, purple, and pink that will help decorate your yard in an accent of colors.

These trees are not only drought-tolerant, but they actually love the heat! When the scorching temperatures arrive, get ready for your yard to be showing off those lovely shades of color.

These small to medium trees offer amazingly reliable bloom cycles so we can enjoy the show from spring through fall! Even when the flowers are not in bloom, the multi-trunk structure with grey to light brown spotted bark is still impressive to the eye.

vitexVitex (Vitex agnus-castus)

Vitex, commonly known as the Chaste Tree, is a favorite for its unique purple blooms on long spikes that form from each growth tip during the late spring and into the summer. This fast-growing, small to medium-sized tree is a great choice to add color to your garden or for patio use.

The flowering spikes on the Vitex tree are a favorite for our pollinating friends like hummingbirds and butterflies. In addition to the stunning flowers, the trunk of the tree is always overlooked which is unfortunate because the twisted and tangled growth pattern gives this tree a majestic appearance in any yard or landscape.

The Vitex tree needs full sun and low to moderate water, which makes it perfect for the Nevada desert.

lantanaLantana (Lantana)

Lantana plants come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any of your landscape and garden needs. There is nothing difficult about adding Lantana to your yard. They can grow anywhere you want to put them. The Lantana enjoys full sun exposure and does great during the hot summer months. It grows quickly and requires almost no maintenance.

The flowers start blooming from spring through the fall. If you are looking for specific colors to add to your yard, make sure to choose the right type of Lantana.

If you are looking for orange-red or pink colors, look into a Bush Lantana shrub. Mounding Lantana shrubs are smaller and flower in red, gold, and pink. If you want a plant that stays low and covers a lot of ground, the Trailing Lantana will give your yard a splash of white, yellow, and purple.

bougainvillaBougainvillea (Bougainvillea spp.)

Bougainvillea can be found anywhere in the southwest territory and there is a reason for it. Each variety of Bougainvillea, whether you are more interested in it as bush form, vine form, or in the Torch Glow variety, grows great in the desert heat.

They not only want the sun, but they also love it! They are drought-tolerant plants so taking care of them isn’t hard as long as they are planted in well-drained soil. 

These plants have bright leaves that help add heavy greenery to your yard. Come early spring, the blooming begins! And lasts until late fall. They can produce a range of colors including white, red, pink, red, and purple flowers. These flowers cover the entire plant from top to bottom, side to side, making it a great selection if you want a plant that can really stand out!  

The upcoming fall season is the ideal time to plant. If you have any questions regarding any of these beautiful trees or plants, be sure to contact one of our nursery experts at any of our Moon Valley Nursery locations and ask them about our FREE professional planting services.

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