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A New Year, A New Landscape - Upgrade Your Landscape for 2020

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/12/2019

How to Upgrade Your Yard This New Year 


If you've been looking at that landscape all year with plans in your head, make it a New Year's resolution to finally do something with it! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have streamlined the entire process, from design to planting, to make it super easy for every homeowner. Below are a few landscape ideas our nursery professionals recommend for a perfect yard in 2020.

Xeriscape with Waterwise Trees and Shrubs

palo verde landscape

We all know how precious water is in our region, and an easy way to cut back on your personal usage is to xeriscape (landscape which requires little or no irrigation) your landscape. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we not only grow and offer a fantastic selection of waterwise trees and shrubs, but we also grow everything in our local climate. This allows it to be acclimated at planting compared to other nurseries who ship in their trees and shrubs from other states.

Our waterwise trees provide fantastic greenery and stunning color in landscapes. If you’re looking for flowers, consider the fast-growing Tipu tree or the Museum Palo Verde (pictured above). These two trees require almost no water once established, they provide a massive canopy of shade and bloom gorgeous yellow flowers in late spring. 

*Not all trees are available in every region. Ask a local Moon Valley Nurseries for the best options to plant in your home. 

Add shade with fast-growing trees

majestic ash-1-1In just a few months, the summer temperatures will arrive, and by then it's too late if you're looking to add some shade relief. To avoid this mistake, take advantage of our ideal planting season right now. Trees planted now will have enough time to establish a root system and then focus more on healthy top growth in the spring before the summer temperatures.

For massive shade, our favorites are the Ficus nitidaCarrotwood, Chilean Mesquite, and all Ash varieties (Arizona, Shamel, Fan Tex, Raywood, Modesto, and Berrinda). All of these trees are fast-growing and develop tall and wide canopies of shade. The Chilean Mesquite and Carrotwood will create layered shade, which allows sunlight to reach any shrubs you may want to plant under the tree. The Ficus and Ash varieties foliage block out all sunlight.  The best part about these trees is that they require minimal maintenance.

*Not all trees are available in every region. Ask a local Moon Valley Nurseries for the best options to plant in your home. 

Create a privacy screen with hedge material

jap blueberry-2Right now is the best time to block out those unwanted views. Well, any time is really the best time, but why not start the New Year off with hedge material that will block that neighbor's second-story window. These hedges provide instant and maximum privacy.

Consider the Ficus nitida columns, which are some of the highest hedges we offer. Some other fantastic varieties are the Japanese Privet, Carolina Cherry, Japanese Blueberry, Podocarpus, and Golden Bamboo. All of these trees are evergreen and can be easily trimmed to any desired shape.

If you want to incorporate color into your hedge, the Bottlebrush tree (red flowers), Oleander tree (red, white, or pink flowers), and Wax Leaf Privet (white flowers) are fantastic selections.

*Not all trees are available in every region. Ask a local Moon Valley Nurseries for the best options to plant in your home. 

Grow your own food

citrus on tree closer upAt Moon Valley Nurseries, we like to think that there is nothing more rewarding than being able to go into your backyard and hand-select the freshest fruit from your very own fruit, citrus, and nut trees. Growing these varieties is easier than you might expect.

Les Blake, Moon Valley Nurseries owner, and his grandfather began custom growing citrus and fruit trees more than 50 years go. Over these years, Les and his grandfather have developed custom root stock that is guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit.

*We offer a wide range of fruit and citrus trees. Not all trees are available in every region. Ask a local Moon Valley Nurseries for the best options to plant in your home. 

Add a Splash of Color with Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Magnolia bloomFrom the stunning purple flowers of Orchid trees to the large flower clusters on Crape Myrtles, there is nothing like flowering trees to create interest and aroma in your landscape. Flowering trees have many landscape applications. Some flowering trees require minimal water, others provide great shade, some can be used as a focal point or a way to add an accent color.  If a certain color is a must, we offer flowering trees that bloom in a wide range of options! 

Purple (Jacaranda, Vitex, Orchid, Texas Mountain Laurel, and Crape Myrtle)

Pink (Purple Leaf Plum, Crape Myrtle, Oleander, Chitalpa, and Desert Willow)

White (Flowering Pear, Magnolia, Plumeria, Oleander, Crape Myrtle)

Yellow (Tipu, Museum Palo Verde, Thevetia, African Tulip Tree, Blue Palo Verde, Palo Brea, and Sweet Acacia)

Red (Bottlebrush, Oleander, African Tulip Tree, and Crape Myrtle)

The Flowering Pear and Crape Myrtle will also produce stunning colors of red, orange, and brown during the fall months. Our flowering trees come in many sizes so you’ll be able to feature your favorite colors prominently in your landscape.

Find the Best Trees for Your New Yard this New Year!

Moon Valley Nurseries is your one-stop-shop for all your landscape needs. Our experts have decades worth of experience, and they will be able to assist you with any and all projects you may have. Click here to find the nearest nursery.