Find the Perfect Roses at the Moon

Find the Perfect Roses at the Moon

By Jessica Downs on February, 8 2019
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Learn How to Plant and Care for Roses in Your Landscape 






Roses are Beautiful and Fragrant Additions

The symbol of love and romance are valuable and attractive additions to any landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries grows all our own vibrant and healthy varieties. With over 150 species and hundreds of types available in nearly every color, you are sure to find the perfect roses at any of our nurseries.

We've got you covered and can help you add roses into your yard into various designs. Whether you are looking for a rose shrub for screens or are looking to create a charming design with climbing/trailing roses that can grow onto pillars or trellises, our design experts can make any landscape idea come to life!





Full Sun is Essential

Roses love the sun, so make sure you plant them in a spot in your yard that gets plenty of full sun exposure. Roses prefer at least six to eight hours of full sun exposure each day. Roses that do not receive at least five hours of sun every day may gradually weaken and not fully bloom. In warmer climates, we recommend growing them in a spot where they are protected from the hot afternoon sun and in an area where the roses will get decent air circulation.

How to Feed Your Roses


Apply Moon Dust and Moon Juice

Regular fertilization and nutrition supplements are recommended to produce the most rewarding results. We recommend supplementing roses with a dry slow-release fertilizer by the end of February. Check out our fertilizer and nutrient products at Moon Valley Nurseries such as our All Purpose Moon Dust and our Super Charged Moon Juice to help enhance growth..

How To Water Roses




Roses love Water

Most of our rose varieties love water and need plenty of it, but not too much! Water deeply enough to moisten the entire root system, which is about 16 to 18-inches deep but not too much that it creates sitting water. Water once a week, more during the hot seasons. It is best to check if the soil is dry within 1-3 inches of the soil to know if it needs more water.

Moon Valley Tip: Use mulch to help conserve water, reduce stress, and encourage healthy growth. We like to apply a 2 to 4-inch layer shredded leaves, dry grass clippings, or shredded bark around the base of roses.


How to Prune/Trim Roses

Annual pruning contributes to the health, longevity, and productivity of your roses. Keeping up with pruning will be a big help to your roses so they can grow properly and healthy. You should remove any of the dying or dead plant material. Remove flowers that have already died, also known as "Deadheading." Weeding is an essential step in caring for your roses. Weeds not only make your yard look messy and uncared for, but they drop seeds as they grow, so one weed can turn into many in a short time. Keep weeds away by using pre-emergent products and pulling them as soon as you see them!

Moon Valley Nurseries February Rose Care Guide 

Click Here  for the February Rose Care Guide Infographic



We grow our own roses just like we grow our own trees. There are many reasons to do it ourselves. As the grower, we can offer lower prices for better trees, and we know where our trees, plants, and roses have been since they were planted. We pride ourselves on our growing knowledge to make sure we offer the best trees, plants, shrubs, and succulents we can.

With over 30 years of experience growing, Moon Valley Nurseries knows how to grow the healthiest trees and plants. We know we are offering our customers the best plant material they can find. We make sure every item we plant is the best for our customers.

For the best roses on earth, go straight to the Moon!

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