Plants to Decorate your Pool Patio

Plants to Decorate your Pool Patio

By Blog on November, 6 2020
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So, you’ve installed a pool with a patio for relaxing, but it doesn’t quite seem like the oasis you pictured. What’s missing? It could be that your pool paradise is lacking the lush landscaping it deserves. Here are some great ideas for decorating a pool patio to make it the beautiful, welcoming space you envisioned when you dreamed of putting in a pool.

  • Planting ornamental grasses will add interest around your pool. Consider purple or green fountain grass, or maybe some liriope. A border of ornamental grasses can even give your pool some privacy.
  • Flowering shrubs provide privacy with a beautiful bonus. Plant some cape honeysuckle or hibiscus and you’ll be protected from prying eyes while you enjoy lovely blooms.
  • Succulents are a good choice, especially in the Southwest. Sedum is a good ground cover for filling in bare spaces, and aeonium can add some drama to your poolscape. Larger succulents like yucca can also serve the purpose of giving you some privacy, but make sure not to choose anything sharp that you wouldn’t want to encounter while in a bathing suit.
  • Don’t forget the trees! Palm trees are the obvious choice, epitomizing the tropical feel you want in a swimming pool. However, they’re not the only option. As long as you choose a tree that doesn’t drop a lot of debris into the pool or get too tall, you can use your imagination when landscaping. Consider dwarf fruit trees to add to the lush feeling of your poolside paradise.
  • Saltwater pools require special consideration. Some plants are too delicate to tolerate frequent splashes of saltwater. When you’re looking for plants to put around your saltwater pool, consider plants native to coastal areas.
  • Bug repellant plants are a good choice around the pool. Nothing disturbs your pool fun like pesky mosquitoes, but you can landscape to help keep them away. Society garlic and rosemary are good options but make sure to steer clear of plants that attract bees because that can be counterproductive.

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