How to Help your Landscape Recover from Summer

How to Help your Landscape Recover from Summer

By Jessica Downs on October, 10 2019
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Jessica Downs


This summer has been a hot one, and your landscape needs some help recovering and getting ready for fall! This time of year, you’re going to start to see your landscape come back to life thanks to the fantastic fall weather coming back. This is also an excellent time to check your trees, plants, and lawn to see if there are any issues such as damaged branches, yellowing foliage, wilted leaves, dry patches of grass, and so on. You’ll want to spot that now and help as much as you can to guarantee the best growing season for your yard.

So, how can you help your yard recover over the next few weeks? We asked our nursery professionals and compiled the top recommendations to help your trees, plants, and lawn gain back their full strength and bring your beautiful landscape back to life!

Tips to Help Your Yard Recover from Summer

Are the leaves on your trees looking a bit yellow? Has the heat gotten the better of your plant materials? The best way to help combat the heat stressors and help your trees and plants grow healthy is to use fertilizers and supplements. Our custom products help trees, palms, and other plants grow to their full potential. Healthy trees and plants will handle the changing weather much better than those still weak from heat stress.

Add Fertilizer to your Trees and Plants

Moon DustOur Moon Dust fertilizer is an organic blend developed especially for tough, compact alkaline soils found in our region. Our custom fertilizer is made with the perfect ratio of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus for healthy living. Moon Dust can be used on every plant material in your yard from large trees to potted flowers!

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Amend your Soil

soil and water conditioner

Moon Valley Nurseries Soil and Water Conditioner is the perfect primer for fertilizers. Our Soil and Water Conditioner helps provide more nutrients to your trees and plants by loosening up the hardened soil in your yard. It is great for making sure your trees and plants get all the water and fertilizer it needs without wasting any of it!

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Supplement Plant Growth

moon juice shrubsOur Super Charged Moon Juice is specially formulated with Furst liquid technology including a blend of organic enzymes and amino acids that help stimulate the growth of trees and plants, along with new root hair growth, which helps plants increase moisture intake. Moon Juice was made to help recover from seasonal stress!

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Make your Lawn Green Again

Moon Royale

If you have grass in your landscape, then you know how much it can struggle during the summer with full sun exposure all day long. Our Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer acts fast to restore your grass to a healthy, luxurious green while also decreasing weed growth and disease problems.

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Adjust your Watering Schedule

Quick Watering Tips

  • Water early in the morning while it is still hot
  • Water deeply to saturate the entire root system
  •  Allow your soil to nearly dry between watering sessions

Watering is one of the most important aspects of keeping trees and plants healthy. Soon, we will have shorter days and cooler nights; so, you want to be careful that we are not over-watering. You will also want to transition our water systems from summer to fall settings as it starts to cool down, which is where our watering guides come in handy!

Watering Basics for Your New Trees

Watering Basics for Your Established Trees

Clean Up your Trees

By applying fertilizer and supplements that we talked about and watering your landscape correctly, your trees will recover from our tough Arizona summer and regain their greenness and health! Another way to help your trees out is to remove any fallen or damaged branches from the monsoon season, or that aren’t doing so well. This will pave the way for new growth to take over!

Plant New Trees for Fall

Fall is the best time to plant in our region and right now is an excellent time to check your yard and see what you might need, or want, to add to your landscape. Maybe you lost some plant material from heat stress and want to replace it, or perhaps you see a need for large shade trees to help keep your house cooler for future summers.

Planting now is best because the weather is cooler, and the ground is nice and warm from the summer. This creates the perfect conditions for planting new trees. It also gives your new trees and plants time to establish their root systems, so they flourish next spring!

Let our Tree Care do the Work for you!

Our Tree Care team of professionals is ready to help you! Our team is staffed with ISA Certified Arborists and Certified Nursery Professionals. They guarantee the highest quality of services for your trees and landscapes. Whether you need tree or stump removal, trimming, soil fertilizer injections, or any other tree care issues you need help with – our team can do it!  

Schedule Your Tree Care Consult Here

No matter how hard your landscape was affected by the hot Arizona summer, Moon Valley Nurseries is here to help. Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and see what we have to offer for yourself!

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