How to Prepare Your Landscape for Summer

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 5/25/2018

Arizona-HomeIs your landscape ready for the summer? We can do some things to prepare for the summer sizzle so that we can have a beautiful yard throughout the hot summer season! Anyone that has experienced summer in Arizona knows that the daytime and nighttime heat can reach extreme temperatures. Mix in the low humidity and this combination can be hard on desert plants, and even the native plants of the Sonoran Desert. 

We asked our experts, and here are some things to consider. Think about these tips to prepare your landscape for the summer heat. Keep reading below, and be sure to Stay Cool!

First, let’s talk about our lawn.

Triple digits are right around the corner, and our lawn is starting to feel the heat. Don’t worry though, we can still walk barefoot in the grass. We are transitioning from winter ryegrass to Bermuda grass.

Mowing: Bermuda grass needs the sun to grow. For the grass to receive the most sun, it is a good idea to lower the lawn mower to 1-1.5 inches so that the sunlight can reach the grass. Doing this will help Bermuda grass come out of its dormancy.

Watering (Grass): Water the grass every 1 to 3 days. Also, remember to water deeply. The morning hours are nice and crisp, and the best time to water because it helps minimize evaporation and fungus.

Fertilize (Grass): We can give our summer lawn a boost using the fast-acting Moon Royale Professional Turf Fertilizer. Using the proper fertilizer on your grass is beneficial because it makes the grass handle the heat and drought better, makes it less susceptible to disease, and makes the grass more resistant to insects. Also, an adequately fertilized lawn requires less water and minimal maintenance.

Now, let’s talk about the things we should do for our landscape.

Shade Cloth: Placing a shade cloth over the tops of plants can provide relief from the sun. We like to place it over tender cacti or succulents as well as newly planted plants. A shade cloth works well over vegetable gardens, too.

Adjust watering schedule: The temperatures are going to keep rising and so will our watering needs. We want to be sure to water deeply each time we irrigate so that we can get the moisture below the surface. We want to do this because the heat and wind can dry out the surface of the soil quickly.

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Check Irrigation Systems: We will want to check our irrigation system for clogged drip emitters and we will want to repair leaks.

 Mulch Roots of the Plant: Improve the soil and replenish organic mulches. Replenishing the mulch around your plants can also reduce moisture loss and keep roots cool during our hot summer months. You will want to be sure to keep mulch away from the trunk of the plant. 

Weeds: We can’t stress this enough – remove those pesky weeds! Why? Weeds can compete with your landscape plants for water.

Avoid Heavy Pruning: Let’s face it, the Arizona sun can be brutal in the summertime, so why would you want to prune the leaves and branches that create shade? Heavy pruning removes the benefits leaves and branches provide. Think of it as removing your large sun hat in the sun. It doesn’t make much sense! Only prune plants when necessary.

It’s going to be blazing hot before we know it. Get a head start on your landscape by following these simple tasks. Of course, some plants may not make it through the summer. Replant lost plants in the fall and take notes. The next time you plant, think about where you might want to plant them. Perhaps there is a better place in your landscape for your plants. Our nursery professionals will be glad to help you along and we can do all the work for you, too.

Moon Valley Nurseries has got you covered with the best plants for our area. We have a large selection of waterwise plants and trees that bring beauty to your yard. From shade trees to cacti and succulent, allow us to help you find the perfect trees and plants for the perfect spot in your yard.

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