Landscape and Garden Tips for June

Landscape and Garden Tips for June

By Felipe Benavides on June, 1 2018
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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

june-landscaoeIt’s June, and here in Phoenix, it is often the hottest, driest, and sunniest month of the year. Yep, temperatures are soaring, and we can plan on triple-digit days for the next few months. Since it is going to get hot, preparing for the heat is essential. The good news is that with the proper care and preparedness, our landscape will take on the summer months with minimal stress. 

Below are some tips and tasks our nursery pros put together for the month of June. Keep reading to ensure a healthy and full landscape through the summer and into fall!



Learn the Tips and Tricks from Our Nursery Pros!


Watering: Though June is the driest month, we want to be sure not to overwater. We will want to water slowly and deeply, which is 5 or 6-inches deep. Deep watering allows the entire root system to become saturated. Long and slow applications are best so that the water can penetrate deep into the soil. Be sure to let the soil dry between watering. The best time to water is in the morning, between 4 am, and 8 am. Watering during these times reduces evaporation loss.

 Moon Valley Watering Guide

Mulch: Applying mulch is an easy and effective way of keeping the soil moist all summer long. Apply mulch around the base of the tree. For best results, apply a 3 to 4-inch layer of mulch. Doing this can help keep the soil cool during the hot summer months and keep the soil warm during the cooler days.

Lawn Care: Keep mowing your grass. A lawn will grow faster with the warmer weather. Try to mow the grass every 5 to 6 days, and do it when it is not so hot outside. June is the time to finish seeding Bermuda and warm-season grasses. Be sure to finish seeding by the end of June.

Protect the Trunks of Trees: Trees can get sunburnt, and unlike people, sunscreen will not help. We recommend protecting the trunk of the tree with a protective tree wrap.

Fertilizing: Moon Valley Nurseries has developed fertilizers that can help trees and shrubs recover from any heat stress. Visit your nearest location and any of our nursery pros will be glad to assist you.

Weeds: The heat won’t stop the weeds, so don’t let it prevent you from sticking to your weeding plan. Keep removing weeds and do it often. Most of all, be sure to pull weeds before the temperatures soar. We can use pre-emergent herbicides, and when applied, we can reduce the number of weeds that need to be pulled! 

Vegetable Garden: This is the time to start planting seeds for Armenian cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Muskmelon, and Sunflowers. Plant transplants such as sweet potatoes and be sure to water them both before and after they are planted.

Pruning: DO NOT prune citrus and other sun-sensitive plants as this can expose them to sunburn. You can remove faded or dead flowers from your plants. Doing this can encourage new growth. It’s a good time to remove any unwanted or vigorous branches from trees.

We grow everything in our local climate so that it is still a great time to plant certain trees and palms. If you are looking for shade trees, buy specimen size trees so that you can enjoy the instant shade they provide. Summertime is pool time in Arizona. Create a tropical paradise and enjoy splashing in a pool surrounded by beautiful palm trees that can make you forget how hot it is beyond your backyard sanctuary.


Our Experts Recommend Planting these Trees this Month


dynamite red crape myrtleCrape Myrtle: We can add vibrant color to our arid environment with Crape Myrtle trees! These smaller ornamental trees put on a summertime show when the blooms start popping on the tree. Yep, right now, neighborhoods with Lagerstroemia are coming alive with flowers that range in color from pink to red, and white to purple. These trees love this time of year, and reward us with the beautiful colors that can make us feel good and make our yards look good, too! The show doesn’t stop. Crape Myrtle foliage will turn to a showy bright orange color in the fall. As a bonus, our varieties are mildew resistant. Look for Dynamite Red, Tuscarora, Natchez, Catawba, Muskogee, and Tuskegee varieties.



42Box-Ficus-Nitida-with-PersonFicus: Shade, it’s what we tend to look for when we are outside during the blazing summer months. Thankfully, Ficus trees can come to the rescue. These evergreen trees feature dense foliage that can block the sunlight! Proper placement around the home can help to reduce the temperatures inside a home. They have a beautiful canopy that can provide plenty of shade to create a comfortable outdoor area. These fast-growing trees are available as a single trunk, multi-trunk, and we have hedge columns available that can create one of the best privacy screens you can find.



tipu tree (2)Tipu: While we are on the subject of shade, we have to mention the Tipu tree. It is easy to see why these are some of the most popular trees we offer. They grow fast and have an upright growth pattern and a canopy that can create a large shade area. We love them in Phoenix because they can tolerate drought and can handle the hottest of summer days. It’s not just the shade coverage we love. Tipuana tipu puts on a show in late spring and into early summer when the golden blooms appear.





Vitex_Vitex: These low-maintenance trees are the perfect size for any landscape. They are a favorite during this time of the year. From late spring and into the summer, unique purple blooms on long spikes appear, adding some much-needed color to our environment. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this tree, too. The trunk of the Agnus-castus (botanical name) tree should not be overlooked – the twisted and tangled growth pattern lends a grand appearance.





date_palm_-1Date Palm: Create a tropical backyard oasis just in time for summertime pool parties and relaxation! The Date palm is a beauty, and it is perfectly suited for the pool area. Their wide fronds can provide plenty of shade, and they are virtually litter-free. For the ultimate look, we recommend planting them in clusters of three to five, where they can create plenty of shade and privacy, too.





_mediterranean_fan_palm_Mediterranean Fan Palm: These show-stopping palms are front yard favorites and look fantastic around the pool area. We like to plant them in a location to fill in empty spots or between towering trees. People love how the trunks clump together, giving this palm a full, thick appearance.

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