Top 5 Texas Trees that add Instant Value to your Home!

Posted by Steve Hall on 8/2/19 10:00 AM

There's no question that trees and a well-kept landscape can positively affect the value of your property. In over 10 years of installing trees, I have received dozens of ‘thank you’s from clients who were able to get at least 10-20% more for their home due to the installation of a premium landscape project. Whether it's a large legacy tree to shade the yard, a dense hedge along the property line for privacy, or tropical landscape to dress the pool, your landscape is the first and last line of defense against potential home buyers. 

In fact, many studies show a 100% or more return on your investment. I can’t tell you how many realtors come in to buy trees for poorly landscaped homes to please the potential buyers. There are specific trees that I have used consistently over the years that are proven to increase home value. These include, but are not limited to: 

Shumard Red Oak shumard oak moon valley nurseries texas

The Shumard Red Oak is one of the fastest growing oak trees in the southeastern area of Texas. The canopy has a uniform structure making it ideal for front yards. This oak also offers incredible autumn color in late fall, adding additional curb appeal. The Shumard is a low maintenance oak that matches most landscapes. 

Japanese Blueberry

japanese blueberry-4

Plant this for INSTANT lush privacy! We often use Japanese Blueberries along property lines to create a dense natural barrier that lasts for decades. Privacy is the number one reason our customers are looking to plant more trees, and the Japanese Blueberry is our favorite to solve our customers’ problems.  

Crape Myrtle

crape myrtle

Crape Myrtles are one of the most versatile trees available at Moon Valley Nurseries, where we have many varieties to choose for your yard. They provide color all summer long, red fall foliage, and a beautiful exfoliating trunk.  Crape Myrtle can also handle any weather thrown at it and is a great fit in tight spaces if needed. 

Southern Live Oak

live oak-5

The Southern Live Oak is THE Texas favorite, and it probably has to do with it being a beautiful evergreen shade tree! This oak is a proven winner that is tough as nails, which is why many of our customers come in looking for it! They are often used by builders, contractors, and architects more than any other tree due its low care requirements. 

Sabal Palm


The Sabal palm tree is hands-down the toughest tree available! The Sabal is cold-hardy, heat-tolerant, and disease-resistant. It is commonly planted behind pools to add a tropical accent and to bring a natural appeal. This tree is thornless, so it is safe to trim, as needed. These can fit into any landscape style with ease!

Add Value to your Home Instantly

If you want to increase curb appeal and add value to your home, upgrading your landscape is a smart choice, and Moon Valley Nurseries trees can upgrade your home and add value instantly. You'll always get a return on your investment, even in a buyer's market. The real question is, how soon do want to add value to your home? 

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