Best Evergreens for Summer in Texas

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/20/18 12:18 PM

You don’t need us to tell you that summertime in Texas is hot, really hot. The sweltering heat and sunlight can be hard on some trees and plants. Just a few months after having one of our wettest months in history, the Houston area is now abnormally dry. We can grow drought-tolerant evergreens in Texas that can help make our extreme summer days a bit more bearable.

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Superior Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees

Posted by Arica Harrison on 7/20/18 10:24 AM

Summer is here in full force and it can be a rough time, the heat and the sun bearing down on us. Plants and trees tend to lose their vibrancy and shade is a hot commodity when playing outside. Our AC is on and making our utility bill soar. We have a solution; plant some evergreen trees! Evergreen trees provide year-round interest to our yards and create much needed shade. By planting evergreen trees strategically around your home, you can naturally cool your home and cut down the cost of your utility bill. Save some money and add value to your home, that’s pretty great. And, what’s even better is that at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have evergreen varieties that grow quickly, meaning more shade and more relief sooner.

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Types of Evergreens

Posted by Arica Harrison on 7/20/18 7:42 AM

Looking for a tree that will stay green all year round? Well, look no further, for evergreens are the answer! Evergreen trees keep their green leaves throughout the year, providing much needed color to our landscapes and adding value to our homes. Whether you need a tree for naturally cooling down your home, or privacy from neighbors, or blocking unwanted views and noises, or just for a nice shady spot for entertaining, Moon Valley Nurseries has you covered! We have been custom-growing trees for over 20 years at our local grow farms, making sure our trees will thrive in your landscape. There are many varieties of evergreens to choose from, here are some of our favorites:

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5 Best Front Yard Landscape Trees

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/19/18 9:37 AM

Nobody likes to feel like they’re on display in their personal outdoor space. When you’re feeling exposed to your neighbors, it can be a little hard to relax and enjoy your front yard. With the right evergreen trees, you can create a fortress that is pleasant, peaceful, and most of all, private.

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Unique Small Evergreens for the Landscape

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/11/18 9:43 AM

Small evergreens can bring big color and lots of character to any landscape in Texas. They can retain their color all year so that they can make a big impact, no matter how big or small your yard may be. Also, if you have a tiny yard, you will appreciate the big features that many of these small evergreen trees provide. Though they take up little room, they hold onto their leaves year-round so that they can also provide shade, as well as personality to your landscape. 

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The Moon Valley Difference: Our People and How We Grow and Plant the World’s Best Trees

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/5/18 1:11 PM

Moon Valley Nurseries is proud that we only hire the best that Texas has to offer! After all, it is not just our fantastic services and our incredible selection of trees, palms, shrubs, and other plants that make us America’s best nursery – it’s our people, too!

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The World Famous Tipu Tree

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/5/18 12:51 PM


Tipu Tree: Tree of the Week

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Landscape & Garden Tips for July in Houston, TX

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/5/18 12:24 PM


Tips to Keep Your Landscape Looking Good All Summer Long


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Why Hedges Are Perfect for Any Landscape in Texas

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/29/18 1:11 AM

Privacy is a vital component of any perfect yard. After all, we want to be able to enjoy family time without nosy neighbors peeking over the fence. Hedges are the ideal solution for creating a secure and private play area for everyone in your family! Provide a safer and more private place for your children to play – plant hedges!

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The Moon Valley Difference – Our Service and Our Quality!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/29/18 1:11 AM

Moon Valley Nurseries is proud to be a part of the Texas landscape! We take pride in offering property owners the biggest and most beautiful trees and plants that can increase the value and add curb appeal to any Texas size yard. Perhaps you are new to the Moon Valley Nurseries experience. Well, our customers rave about our VIP service and that we have the best selection of trees and plants anywhere – at the lowest prices!

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