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Christmas is over, and as such, so is the lifespan of that once beautiful, aromatic, real Christmas tree you purchased at one of our Moon Valley Nurse...

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Environmentally Friendly Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Real Christmas trees are beautiful, especially the ones available at Moon Valley Nurseries. The aroma, the perky needles, the greenery – these are jus...

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5 Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

The end of the holiday season doesn't mean it has to be the end for your real Christmas tree. Even though real Christmas trees have a limited lifespan...

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6 Tips On How To Care For Your Freshly Cut Christmas Tree

After you’ve picked up your Christmas Tree from Moon Valley Nurseries it’s important to know how to keep your Christmas Tree looking as fresh as possi...

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Tips To Picking Out The Perfect Christmas Tree

Picking out a Christmas Tree comes once a year and is a fun family tradition. What’s not fun is picking out a Christmas Tree that doesn't fit into you...

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Christmas Tree Varieties at Moon Valley Nurseries

There are many family traditions around the holiday season, but one that stands out year-after-year is the picking of the annual Christmas Tree. The C...