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Winter Tips Christmas Trees

The Ultimate Houston Christmas Tree Info Guide
By Jessica Downs on November 19, 2021

Christmas Trees Are Here! Are You Ready? One of the many joys of this time of the year is getting to celebrate the Christmas holiday season with family and hand-selecting the perfect...

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Landscape Tips Design Tips

By Jessica Downs on July 12, 2021

EXPERIENCE OUR SERVICE AND QUALITY AT THE MOON Moon Valley Nurseries started with one small location in a neighborhood just north of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, known as 'Moon Valley.' From...

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Winter Tips Fertilizers

Protecting Your Landscape from Frost Damage
By Jessica Downs on February 11, 2021

  After a very enjoyable fall, the weather forecast for the upcoming weeks is calling for some very cold nights. In fact, we are already beginning to see some frost and very cold...

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers

Best Fertilizers and Nutrients for a Healthy Yard
By Jessica Downs on October 14, 2020

FEED YOUR LANDSCAPE FOR THE BEST GROWTH Now is the time of year when everything on your landscape will benefit from an extra dose of essential nutrients to help them thrive all year long...

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Design Tips

Create Your Own Staycation in Your Backyard
By Jessica Downs on March 16, 2020

Top Trees, Palms, and Shrubs to Create the Perfect Staycation Design Right now is the best time to plant and design your custom landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries is always ready to help our...

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers Tree Maintenance

Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Moon Green
By Jessica Downs on March 13, 2020

Moon Green™ is a custom-made nutrient supplement specially made for landscapes in our region and is the perfect solution to bring your landscape back to life. You can use Moon Green on all 

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Tree Maintenance

3 Important Ways to Take Care of Your Trees
By Jessica Downs on March 6, 2020

Proper Tree Care for Perfect Trees in Your Landscape

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Landscape Tips

March Landscape and Gardening Tips [Updated]
By Jessica Downs on March 2, 2020

  March Landscape and Gardening Tips March is here, and the warm days are on the way, which means right now is the best time to plant because everything is growing and blooming! Now is the...

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Design Tips

How to Build Texas Size Hedges
By Jessica Downs on February 7, 2020

Design the Right Hedge for Your Yard In our modern times, privacy is one of the main features people want when designing a yard. Increased population and home builders trying to build more...

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Landscape Tips

February Landscape & Garden Tips [Updated]
By Jessica Downs on January 31, 2020

The Weather is Perfect to Get Outside and Get your Lawn Looking Great  It is officially February, and if you have lived here long enough, you'll know that early spring is pretty much here...

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