Top 5 Texas Trees that add Instant Value to your Home!

Posted by Steve Hall on 8/2/19 10:00 AM

There's no question that trees and a well-kept landscape can positively affect the value of your property. In over 10 years of installing trees, I have received dozens of ‘thank you’s from clients who were able to get at least 10-20% more for their home due to the installation of a premium landscape project. Whether it's a large legacy tree to shade the yard, a dense hedge along the property line for privacy, or tropical landscape to dress the pool, your landscape is the first and last line of defense against potential home buyers. 

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Get Outside with these 5 Late Spring Yard Projects

Posted by Jessica Downs on 5/17/19 10:00 AM

Homeowners know that owning a home means that there is always something to do! Sometimes those projects are not fun, like replacing gutters or upgrading the washer and dryer, and sometimes they are, like upgrading your television sound system.

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Best April Landscape Tips to Keep your Yard Healthy this Month

Posted by Jessica Downs on 3/29/19 8:00 AM

Not sure what to do for your landscape in April or where to get started?

The April landscaping chores are a lot like what you were (hopefully) doing last month, except you may have noticed more growth in your yard, good (flowers) and bad (weeds)!

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Spring Landscape and Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 3/15/19 8:00 AM

We are only days away from entering the spring season (it officially starts March 20th). We have had rain consistently over the last few months and might still have more coming in the next few weeks. With all that previous rain and the sunny days coming out now, you might see that some parts of your landscape, if not all, are already starting to grow again.

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March Landscape Tips for Texas Yards

Posted by Jessica Downs on 3/1/19 8:01 AM

Moon Valley Nurseries Yard To-Do List

It is kind of hard to believe that it is already March, especially since Texas was just hit with lots of rain and might be getting more in the next few days! Despite what our surprise weather is doing, spring is just a few weeks away and warm days are, in fact, on the way. This is usually the time of the year where we recommend putting in a bit more effort toward your yard now. We are especially excited because the rain that dropped on our yards is an amazing bonus for helping our yards succeed sooner and stronger.

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Landscape Prep - Fertilizers For a Healthy Yard

Posted by Jessica Downs on 2/15/19 8:00 AM

Spring Landscaping     

As much as it feels like the year has just barely begun,  the weather is getting warmer every day and the outdoors is calling your name. Now is the time of year to start taking a good look at your yard and check on how well your lawn, trees, and other plants are doing and if they need some extra help getting back to optimal health.  

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February Landscape & Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 2/1/19 8:00 AM

The Month of Love….ing to enjoy your Yard for Spring

It is officially February, and if you have lived in Southern Texas long enough you should be familiar with the fact that spring could be right around the corner. The last month brought us some cold temperatures, even a few freezing nights, but the days are getting warmer as the sun stays out a bit longer each day.

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January Tips to Care for Your Roses

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/22/19 9:36 AM

What a Lovely Thing a Rose is...

...And with the weather changing yet again, it is time to see how well our roses survived the winter and help them get back to prime shape for the fullest blooms in 2019! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we support our roses-loving community in Texas and make sure to always have the best, and most variety of, roses. Now is the time to start getting ready to plant new roses and getting your existing roses ready to start producing in abundance any time now!

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3 Things to Do for Your Yard in 2019

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/21/18 8:00 AM

A new year brings so many new ideas, new plans, new goals, new everything! With the end of the year just around the corner, I’m sure most of us are starting to come up with those new year’s resolutions for the next year already. I bet some of the Type A personalities might even have their new goals already planned out on paper and are ready to get started.  

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Best Privacy Hedges to Plant in Fall

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/26/18 9:36 AM

Build Your Private Sanctuary Just in Time for the Holidays

Hedges are one of the best ways to add value to your home and create a classic look to your landscape. With so many options to choose from, it gives you the opportunity to decide between a formal or informal look that could vary in height, size, color, and shape!

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