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Texas Landscaping Tips

March Landscape & Garden Tips for Central Texas
By Moon Valley Nurseries on March 13, 2023

Preparing your landscape for spring in Central Texas after a hard freeze can be a daunting task. However, with a little preparation and attention to detail, you can bring your garden back...

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How to Prevent Soil Erosion in Your Texas Yard
By Moon Valley Nurseries on February 24, 2023


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Hollywood Hedges Japanese Blueberry Tree

The Ultimate Privacy Hedge for Texas - The Japanese Blueberry
By Moon Valley Nurseries on February 17, 2023

The Japanese Blueberry, also known as Elaeocarpus decipiens, or Green Emerald Blueberry™ is a fast-growing, evergreen tree that makes a perfect choice for creating a Hollywood-style hedge....

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers Tree Highlights

March Landscape & Garden Tips for Texas
By Moon Valley Nurseries on February 14, 2023

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Texas Landscaping Tips

Best Fall Color Trees for Texas
By Felipe Benavides on February 2, 2023

Fall color trees, we love them! When the temperatures drop, and the length of daylight wanes in Texas, many trees in our area bring out the best fall colors. Fall is a magical time when...

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Tree Maintenance Tree Highlights

Texas Native Trees That Can Thrive in Austin’s Hot Weather
By Blog on December 15, 2022

When most people think of Texas, they think of heat and humidity. But the state is actually quite diverse, with a variety of climates that can support different types of plants and trees....

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Winter Tips Landscape Tips Tree Highlights

December Landscape and Garden Tips for Texas in 2022
By Jessica Downs on December 1, 2022

December Tips from Our Nursery Professionals The winter season has arrived, and that means it’s time to change up how we care for the trees and shrubs in our landscapes. It may be cold,...

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Texas Landscaping Tips

Replacing Your Texas Lawn with Native Plants
By Blog on October 24, 2022

For many years, the standard for neighborhoods in the United States has been the big, green lawn. Recently, though, there’s been an interest in getting rid of these large expanses of grass...

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Landscape Tips Fall Tips Tree Maintenance

November Landscape and Garden Tips for Texas in 2022
By Jessica Downs on October 24, 2022

November is here, and that means we get to spend more time outside with family and friends and enjoy the weather right in our own backyard! You can smell fall in the air, as well as the...

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Design Tips Inspiration Planting Tips

7 Enticing Benefits of Planting Mature Trees in Your Yard
By Luke Kalawsky on September 15, 2022

As nursery people, when we look at our mature specimen trees, we see more than just a large tree. We see possibility, opportunity, and efficiency. We consider what it truly means when a...

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