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Posted by Felipe Benavides on 2/1/18 12:52 PM


Be inspired by your surroundings. You can see the early spring flowering trees and stone fruit flower bouquets that are starting to brighten up the neighborhoods, and the pleasing aroma of citrus is in the air. Yes, you can sense it with your eyes and nose that spring is just right around the corner. With the season upon us, it is also the absolute best time to plant trees, shrubs, palms - everything you want in your dream landscape!


The temperatures will start to soar before we know it, so if you want some cooling shade coverage, plant those shade trees now so that you can go outside and enjoy your yard, after all, baseball season will be here before you know it and playing catch is a must! Do you want to add some vibrant colors to your garden? Plant those flowering shrubs now too. It’s important to plant this time of the year because it gives the roots time to establish before the hot weather arrives.


The old nemesis, weeds. Control the weeds in your yard while they are young and tender, or before they sprout. After all, no one we know likes to pull weeds in the sweltering heat of summer, so remove them before they become established with a pre-emergent. A pre-emergent herbicide works wonders, so be sure to apply it during this time of the year to prevent weeds – remove weeds before they seed!


With everything in the landscape in growing season, this is the right time to give those trees, shrubs, palms, and other plants a boost with an all-purpose fertilizer from Moon Valley Nurseries. Our fertilizers are formulated to promote vigorous growth and can help your landscape recover from any stresses related to winter. You can purchase fertilizer at all Moon Valley Nurseries locations.


It is a good time to adjust your watering schedule. Since spring is almost here, you will want to increase your watering frequency. Be sure to keep watering deeply, and allow time for the soil to dry out between watering.


It is a good idea to prepare your landscape with mulch. Why? Because even adding only a few inches of mulch can help keep your soil cool during the hot months and keep the soil warm during colder days. Mulch is also excellent in controlling weeds.


This is an excellent time to prune shrubs now; be sure to wait to prune spring-flowering shrubs until after they bloom. February is also an excellent time to prune dormant trees.


Eat what you grow, it’s the healthiest and best alternative to driving to the supermarket! You will want to continue to plant vegetables. In our area, this includes beets, carrots, cabbage, peas, broccoli, turnips, kale, lettuce, spinach, and brussels sprouts. Plant asparagus too and if you plan to plant Irish potatoes, be sure to plant them 3 inches deep.

Our Experts Recommend Planting These Trees This Month

Live Oak


(Quercus virginiana)

This Texas native can grow to be large tree capable of providing plenty of shade. These are long-lived trees that the entire family will love as it’s both an excellent tree for picnicking under as well as attaching a tire swing to the sturdy limbs. We recommend buying as big as you can to take full advantage of its many features. 

California Pepper


(Schinus molle)

These are fast-growing evergreen trees that can produce a massive amount of shade – perfect for those blistering hot days we get in Houston! Their drought tolerance, weeping, graceful appearance and interesting exfoliating trunk make them an attractive tree for any yard. These are excellent trees for lining streets and shading a play area. 



(Carya illinoinensis)

The State Tree of Texas and one that is valued both for its shade and the delicious nuts it can provide. These trees can grow to be large and graceful, with a shape that helps to add beauty to any landscape. These long-lived trees can be enjoyed for generations to come! 

Eastern Redbud


(Cercis canadensis)

An Eastern Redbud tree puts on a colorful show in spring with beautiful, rosy pink blossoms attracting all the right attention, and butterflies and hummingbirds too! It’s deciduous so that it can provide shade in the summer and when it drops its leaves, its unique and irregular branching patterns add to its year-round interest. 

Purple Leaf Plum


(Prunus cerasifera ‘Krauter vesuvius’)

These colorful deciduous trees feature dramatic dark purple-black foliage making them an ideal small accent tree for any size yard! Come springtime, showy light pink flowers appear, attracting butterflies and the right kind of attention to your landscape. We like to use them many ways, such as to flank gateways and driveway entries or planting them in an orchard-like setting, where they can create a stylish screen. These are excellent ornamental trees that thrive with full sun exposure. 

Japanese Blueberry


(Elaeocarpus decipiens)

We like to plant Japanese Blueberry both for its shade capabilities as well as its privacy features. These hardy trees establish quickly and are an excellent choice for use as a windbreak or privacy hedge. Ever-changing leaves add year-round interest and butterflies are attracted to the tiny, fragrant flower clusters that can bloom in the summer. 

Knock Out Roses


(Rosa ‘Radrazz’)

It’s February, and for all you lovers out there, it’s also when most people celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to celebrate and not too many things compare to roses for showing feelings of love, affection, and friendship (ok, maybe chocolate). Stop by Moon Valley Nurseries and purchase Knock Out Roses. This is the Texas Rose, and it can produce vibrant cherry/hot pink flowers during its blooming cycle. 

Moon Valley Nurseries is your local one-stop shop for all your landscape needs. Visit us today, and our experts will be glad to assist you with any projects you may have.

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