How To Landscape A Home For A Quick Sale

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 4/14/17, 9:15 AM
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When it comes to selling a home or even your home competition can be tough and you're always going to want to have that unique edge over the other homes in the neighborhood. One area that is often overlooked is the landscape. So much time and effort is spent making the inside look amazing that many sellers overlook the first thing people see when the arrive at your home.....the front yard landscape! 

Whether your a homeowner selling your home or a real estate agent looking to help a client, our nursery pros have identified four key areas that can help you sell that home even faster!

Block out unwanted views and nosy neighbors to create a private backyard space

The last thing you want a potential home buyer to see is a unsightly site on their new landscape or the neighbors eyes peering down into the backyard. Fortunately for you, Moon Valley Nurseries has the best selection of privacy hedges and giant shade trees. And no, we're not talking about privacy that will take years to grow in. We're talking instant privacy that can be planted in less than a day. 


Let's start with our hedges. Because we are the growers, we're able to grow unique specimens that fulfill our customers needs. So when a customers says that they need instant privacy, we turn them to our "Hollywood Style" hedges. Fantastic options our our Wax Leaf PrivetItalian CypressJapanese Blueberry, and Carolina Cherry. Now if you're looking to add color and privacy, consider a Bottlebrush (red flowers)Oleander (red, pink, white flowers) or our Crape Myrtle (red, purple, pink, white flowers). 



bottlebrush-5_orig Another option for privacy is planting a massive specimen tree. We have thousands of them at Moon Valley Nurseries and to keep the privacy all year long, you are going to want to plant an evergreen tree. Evergreen trees require minimal maintenance and will stay green all year long. Great options for this is our CamphorLive OakJapanese Blueberry, and Magnolia




How to properly landscape around a home

When it comes to planting a landscape, you're going to want to consider a theme and proper placement. 

magnoliua-orig_origBecause we live in such a unique climate that allows us to plant a wide range of trees and shrubs, there are many landscape themes to pick from. You can go with a Mediterranean theme (Italian Cypress, Mediterranean Fan Palmsminimal maintenance theme (evergreen trees), or even a tropical theme (Mexican Fan PalmTropical Bird of ParadiseHibiscusPiru Queen PalmPygmy Date Palm). The list above is just a small sample of what we have to offer at Moon Valley Nurseries. There are hundreds of more trees and options and we are for sure going to have the solution at Moon Valley Nurseries.


The reason why you want to keep a theme is that you don't want an unsightly landscape that features a desert tree mixed in with an evergreen and deciduous tree all planted next to each other. That is just way too much for one landscape. When it comes to placement, the last thing you want to do is to plant a tree that will drop its foliage straight into the pool or a tree that will block a water or electric line. Even worse, you don't want to plant a tree that doesn't fit the HOA code. 

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have certified nursery professionals who specialize in landscape design for our region. You can schedule your FREE design consultation by clicking here.


Increase curb appeal to increase foot traffic and selling power

Let's say you have less than a month to sell a house and you need a landscape that looks like it has been growing for years. What do you do? Well, you head to nearest  Moon Valley Nurseries location. We have thousands of mature specimens that can create instant curb appeal....especially our flowering trees. The following is a list of what we have to offer:

Purple (JacarandaVitex, Texas Mountain Laurel, and Crape Myrtle)
Pink (Purple Leaf PlumCrape MyrtleOleander, and Desert Willow)
White (Flowering PearMagnoliaOleander, and Crape Myrtle)
Yellow (Tipu, and Museum Palo Verde)
Red (BottlebrushOleander, and Crape Myrtle)

orange-3_origIn addition to all of our flowering trees, we have a huge selection of flowering shrubs as well. Another option to consider is a fruit and citrus tree that is already producing. Yes, already producing. We have oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, grapefruit, kumquat, nectarine, peach, apple, plum, and apricot.






How to fertilize existing plants to keep them looking good throughout the selling process

You're about to put your house on the market and all of the sudden a tree, palm, shrub, or lawn takes a turn for the worse. Or you're concerned about something maybe having an issue. 

To help homeowners combat this, Moon Valley Nurseries has developed highly specialized blends of fertilizer designed to trigger growth responses for our native soils. Our pros have been growing and planting trees and shrubs in our region for more than 40 years. These fertilizers have been time and tested and our pros use all of these fertilizers on our thousand acres grow yards all year long. 

Below are a few bullet points of the benefits our fertilizers provide. For a more detailed descriptions click here.

Supercharged Moon Juice
When to use: Freeze/frost damage, wind/physical damage, and heat/summer stress

Super Palm Juice
When to use: Stressed or yellowing palms, heat stress 

Moon Green
When to use: Reduce soil alkalinity, neutralize caliche or tight clay soil, make thick and fuller hedge plants, darker green leaves 

Moon Dust
When to use: Vigorous root growth, rich green leaves, strong new growth

Soil & Water Conditioner
When to use: Reduce effects of salt present in water and soil, encourage deeper root growth, loosen tight/heavy soil

Moon Valley Nurseries is your one stop shop for all your landscape needs. Our experts have decades worth of experience and they will be able to assist you with any and all projects you may have. Click here to map a nursery near you.


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